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Type Energy
Faction Civil Security

No upgrades: 80-220

Upgrade level 1: 120-330

Upgrade level 2: 160-440

Upgrade level 3: 200-550

Rate of Fire 0.4 rounds/second
Accuracy 47%
Power 8
Projectile Count 1
Projectile Speed 60
Penetration 4 blocks
Slot 4
Weapon ID darkstar_1_gauss_rifle

The CS-GaussRifle is a energy-based rifle, developed by the Civil Security, that fires a large ray pellet at a very high speed. Both the reload time and the recoil of the weapon are high.

The gun looks like Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK in terms of appearance. The gun's long barrel or barrel shroud features five blue lights which turn off after shot. When the gun is in its recharging phase, the lights will turn on individually with a second delay until the all of them are lit up, notifying the player that the gun is ready to fire. The gun also has a sort of hook at the end of the barrel, and two more on top of the gun, with a final one being on the back of the gun. The two hooks on the top of the gun may serve as iron sights. Like the Heavy Railgun, the CS-GaussRifle can recharge while holstered.

The gun's ray pellet looks similar to those of the Ray Gun C-01y, but is thicker and larger. The gun fires this ray pellet at a very high speed compared to some guns.


The CS-GaussRifle does not appear in the campaign, and is therefore exclusive to custom maps.


  • The gun was added as part of version 1.28, and was originally created by Darkstar 1.
  • The gun was named briefly named 'Gauss Rifle' during the v1.28 beta stages, but was changed to add more variety to the names.
  • This weapon is the only Civil Security weapon, besides the CS-BNG and Defibrillator, to not have a two (or more) part name. Civil Security weapons normally have their weapon type come first, then "CS-x" afterwards, such as in the name Pistol CS-Pro.
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