Advanced Usurpation Soldier

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Advanced Usurpation Soldier.png

Advanced Usurpation Soldier
Faction Usurpation Forces
Origin Unknown
Species Alien
Gender N/A
Difficulty Medium
Health Medium
Weapon set Medium-heavy
Character ID 6

The Advanced Usurpation Soldier is an advanced, more powerful version of the Major Usurpation Soldier. The Advanced Usurpation Soldier is a fairly uncommon enemy in Plazma Burst 2. Their distinctive, white armor, however, is quite easy to identify. Not only is their armor unique in appearance, it is also unique in that it offers greater protection to the user than the Minor and Major Usurpation Soldiers.

While they are one of the highest ranked beings in the Usurpation race, they are outranked by the more dangerous Usurpation Destroyer, which closely resembles the lower class Usurpations. Along with most of the usual weapons used by the lower ranked Usurpation Forces, they also wield Alien Shotguns. Advanced Usurpations often appear in small groups in the campaign.

Weapon variety

Alien Shotgun

Soldiers wielding only Alien Shotguns are the most common of the Advanced Usurpation Soldiers. They are rather easy to dispatch, but in groups they can pose a major threat, especially if their shotguns are upgraded to level 3. They often carry other weapons as well, such as Rocket Launchers.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro

A little more rare than the regular Advanced Usurpation and even more dangerous wielding a Rocket Launcher. These soldiers are very easy to dodge but in groups they can cause some trouble.

Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK

The Heavy Railgun is an incredibly dangerous weapon, and in the hands of the Advanced Usurpation it is even deadlier. Although they are not a common unit it is still advised to dispatch them first before they get a shot off.


Advanced Usurpation soldiers using this gun are very rare, mostly being found in Level 38. They tend to have Alien Shotguns with them. They are very dangerous, and like units with the Heavy Railgun, you should try to kill them before they can shoot you.


Despite their appearance, these opponents can be very troublesome if neglected. It is recommended to eliminate them quickly before being swarmed. Weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Ray Gun C-01y and Heavy Railgun are excellent at taking them down quickly. Lighter weapons, such as the Assault Rifle CS-RC and the Shotgun C-01s, are also effective against single opponents, but not as well against a horde of soldiers.

Voice lines

The Advanced Usurpation Soldier shares its voice lines with the Minor Usurpation Soldier and the Major Usurpation Soldier.

Audio Type Transcript Notes


  • They start out with very low health in the first few levels of the campaign. However, when playing some of the early levels on Hard or reaching the later levels of the campaign, Advanced Usurpation Soldiers will have both current and maximum health of 300 hitpoints. On the Impossible mode of difficulty, every Advanced Usurpation Soldier met has 150 hitpoints.
  • They are most likely low-ranking squad leaders.
  • Their color is a combination of gray and white with red patches, although it could be polarized to look more white.
  • Two can be seen leading the Usurpation assault and killing off the Civil Security soldiers on level 31.
  • The Alien Shotgun is its signature weapon, and it matches the color of the Advanced Usurpation's armor as well.
  • This is the only Usurpation Soldier which differs in color.
  • They bleed dark blue blood, compared to the Minor Usurpation Soldier's light blue blood and the Usurpation Destroyer's green blood.
  • They wear the same armor design as the Minor Usurpation Soldier, but with a different color scheme.
  • They are the only Usurpation Soldiers to use the Alien Shotgun, although other Usurpations often pick them up from fallen allies.

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