Alien Pistol

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Alien Pistol

Alien Pistol
Type Energy-based pistol
Faction Usurpation Forces
Damage 12-33 HP (MP)
Rate of Fire 3.75 shots/second
Accuracy 47% (MP) (Low)
Power 0.6
Projectile Count 1
Projectile Speed Infinite
Penetration 0 blocks
Full Price $1350
Slot 1
Weapon ID gun_apistol
The old Alien Pistol sprite that was in the game prior to version 1.17.

The Alien Pistol is a medium-sized rail firing pistol used as a sidearm by the Usurpation Forces. It is one of the three available pistols to buy from the Equipment Shop, the others being the Pistol CS-Pro and Pistol C-01p. This weapon has very low damage per shot, but it has a fairly high rate of fire and other decent traits.

The Alien pistol is very different in shape from the other two pistols. It is the same color of dark yellow as the Usurpation Soldiers and the Alien Rifle. This weapon fires a beam much like that of the Lite Railgun. This pistol slopes forward and down near the front, and has a small blue section for a barrel. The back of the gun breaks into two sections that surrounds the shooter's arms and branch out, acting like a trigger guard; the receiver is triangular and points towards the front end of the weapon. There is a small, invisible red light on the upper back of the gun that blinks red in between shots. Unlike other pistols, this gun does not feature a red laser sight.

The Alien Pistol does very little damage, with an increased fire rate that sacrifices accuracy. Also like the railgun, it does not have any penetration capabilities. However, it can't reflect off of walls like other railguns. The Alien Pistol has the same instant travel time as other railguns, which makes it fairly easy to land shots.

The Alien Pistol is the least expensive pistol to purchase.


The Alien Pistol can be found only on levels 1 and 2 of the campaign, thus making this gun very rare in the campaign. There are only a total of 6 Alien Pistols in the campaign, and these guns can only ever be seen being carried by a group of Minor Usurpation Soldiers. This gun can be bought from the Equipment Shop for $600 credits and upgraded for $250 credits. When fully upgraded, this pistol costs $1350 credits.


  • The older version couldn't penetrate walls.
  • This is the second most expensive pistol when fully upgraded, behind the Pistol C-01p.
  • The Alien Pistol is the cheapest pistol to purchase.
  • Per shot, the Alien Pistol does the least amount damage out of every gun in the game.
  • It is considered by many players to be the worst gun in the game. Due to its poor combat performance, the Alien Pistol has become a subject of ridicule, jokes, and parodies.
  • When upgraded to level 2, it actually downgrades to a less effective weapon than the unupgraded version. It is unclear whether or not this is a mistake made by the developer when programming the weapon. When upgraded to level 3, this problem is solved.[citation needed]

  • The older version and the newer version of the Alien Pistol will both be included in Plazma Burst 2.5.
  • The Alien Pistol can be a good choice when playing on Impossible mode, as its rails travel instantly, and cannot be deflected.

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