Alien Sniper Rifle

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Alien Sniper Rifle.png

Alien Sniper Rifle
Type Energy-based sniper rifle
Faction Usurpation Forces
Damage All upgrade levels: 120-330
Rate of Fire 0.5 shots/second
Accuracy 93% (MP)
Power 6
Projectile Count 1
Projectile Speed Infinite
Penetration 0 blocks
Full Price N/A
Slot 4
Weapon ID darkstar_1_usniper
The first version of the Alien Sniper Rifle (then called the Usurpation Sniper Rifle).

The Alien Sniper Rifle is a rail-firing sniper rifle, manufactured by the Usurpation Forces. It fires a powerful rail which inflicts heavy damage. It was added in Version 1.28.

The LED indicator present on the upper body of the firearm shows the state of the weapon and reveals the presence of enemies. A turquoise-blue color indicates that the weapon is ready to fire, and the blinking red color indicates that the weapon is ready to reload, or otherwise is reloading. A flashing light-yellow light indicates that an enemy character, or player, is in range and line of sight of the weapon, regardless of whether the enemy is on screen or not.

Statistically, the weapon is very similar to the Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay. It features similar damage, as well as the same targeting laser as seen on its human counterpart. Minor differences include a longer reload time, the ability for the weapon to be reloaded on the player's back, and the fact that it fires a rail projectile, allowing for instant travel. Compared to other railguns, it deals similar damage, has more accuracy, and has the benefit of an LED indicator, although the Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK outclasses it solely in pure damage. Despite having the advantage of firing rail projectiles, the Alien Sniper Rifle comes with the downside that it is useless at penetrating cover.


  • This gun is not seen in the Campaign, and therefore is seen only in Custom Maps.


  • The laser pointer can detect invisible enemies, much like its Civil Security counterpart.
  • The firing sound of this weapon is a reworked version of the Time Machine sound.
  • The original concept of this powerful gun was made by Darkstar 1.
    • The original concept has been edited due to community dislike of the original design.
  • The color of the weapon was modified in version 1.32 to better match other Alien weapons.

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