Android SLC-56

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Android SLC-56.png

Android SLC-56
Faction Unknown
Origin Unknown
Species Android
Gender N/A
Difficulty Medium-hard
Health Medium-high
Weapon set Medium-heavy
Character ID 9

81 (Blue)

82 (Red)

The Android SLC-56 is an android character found in Plazma Burst 2. This Android can be encountered in the levels 7 and 8 of the Campaign. This is an extremely light and fast enemy, and typically carries some of the more powerful weapons in the game, like the Heavy Railgun. The Android SLC-56 is a more dangerous and crafty enemy than the Android T-01187, another android model often accompanying them in battle.

The Android SLC-56 does not have heavy armor plating, and in fact has very little armor, but instead makes up for its lack of stability with its very fast movement speed, making the SLC-56 a very dangerous enemy. Albeit lacking heavy armor, the Android SLC-56 still maintains a fairly high health, more than that of the heavier Android T-01187 and the Civil Security Lite. The player gets a chance to play as an Android SLC-56 ally in Level 42.

Weapon Variety

Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot

The majority of Android SLC-56s encountered wield a Lite Railgun. They are found only in Level 7, where nearly every enemy is carrying a Lite Railgun. These units do only medium damage to their targets, although they have better rate of fire and accuracy than the Heavy Railgun units.

Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK

Androids wielding the Heavy Railgun are encountered on Level 8. These units are extremely dangerous, as they can kill the player in one shot to the head, and only a couple body hits. The combination of this unit's speed, agility, and firepower make it one of the deadliest enemies encountered in the campaign. The friendly Android SLC-56 in Level 42 that becomes a playable character also uses this powerful gun.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro

Units carrying the Rocket Launcher are seen in Level 7. These enemies reside at the top of the map, near the switch that opens the door and allows the Marine to complete the level. They are very dangerous, as their rockets can easily knock the player off-balance and hinder them down, allowing for more rockets to hit the player, killing him.

Alien Shotgun

The Alien Shotgun is rarely seen being used by these Androids. This weapon is carried only by the Android allies that can activated in Level 37.


  • Android SLC-56's light weight is also its weakness. Explosive weapons such as the Rocket Launcher and the CS-BNG tend to kill an Android SLC-56 in 1-2 hits because of it flying into a wall due to knock back. Even running quickly into a wall (without being pushed by something) can actually damage the Android due to high momentum.
  • Wall jumping as an SLC-56 is also difficult, because running too quickly can cause you crash into the wall instead of actually accomplishing a walljump.


The Android has red and blue variants for Team Deathmatch. These do not appear in the campaign.

Voice lines

The Android SLC-56 shares its voice lines with the Android T-01187. Because of the metallic tone in their voice, some quotes are hard to understand. For example, the quote "Haha, easy, anyday" can also be heard as "Now you see me, now you're dead." In earlier versions of the game, all Androids spoke only "Let's rock!" but in much more metallic voice and also had a slightly different death sound. The voice lines are edited versions of Nuke Dukem's voice lines, which are voiced by Jon St. John.

Audio Type Transcript Notes
Alert Let's rock. Unused since version 1.17.
Alert Let's rock.
Alert Now I'm really pissed off.
Alert I'm not gonna fight you, I'm gonna kick your ass.
On-kill Haha, easy, anyday.


  • Along with the Android T-01187 (and possibly the Android ATM-105), SLC-56s are confirmed to be apart of an unknown faction which appeared during the Usurpation Invasion. As SLC-56s appear more often, it may be possible that SLC-56s are meant to function as the main portion of the faction's forces.

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