Android T-01187

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Android T-01187.png

Android T-01187
Faction Unknown
Origin Unknown
Species Android
Gender N/A
Difficulty Low
Health Low
Weapon set Light-medium
Character ID 4

The Android T-01187 is one of the least encountered enemies in Plazma Burst 2. These types of Androids only make an appearance on Level 8. These weaker androids, outmatched by the Android SLC-56, are incredibly fragile and can be destroyed very easily. The speed at which they move about is about the same speed as the Marine.

Weapon variety

Alien Shotgun

Androids carrying the Alien Shotgun are the most common and in groups can be a threat.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro

These Androids carrying Rocket Launchers are more rare than the Alien Shotgun-wielding T-01187s, as only three are in the level. Two out of the three in the level carry both a Rocket Launcher and an Alien Shotgun, while the final Android in the level carries only a Rocket Launcher.


A group of the Androids.

These enemies are one of the easiest to dispatch and just about any weapon will do. It is recommended to use accurate weapons with medium power, such as the Alien Shotgun and the Lite Railgun - these can easily kill in a single hit. One thing to avoid is getting too close, for their PSI Blades can still deal a large amount of damage. Try to pick them off individually, as they can be difficult to deal with in large groups.

Voice lines

The Android T-01187 shares its voice lines with the Android SLC-56. Because of the metallic tone in their voice, some quotes are hard to understand. For example, the quote "Haha, easy, anyday" can also be heard as "Now you see me, now you're dead." In earlier versions of the game, all Androids spoke only "Let's rock!" but in much more metallic voice and also had a slightly different death sound. The voice lines are edited versions of Nuke Dukem's voice lines, which are voiced by Jon St. John.

Audio Type Transcript Notes
Alert Let's rock. Unused since version 1.17.
Alert Let's rock.
Alert Now I'm really pissed off.
Alert I'm not gonna fight you, I'm gonna kick your ass.
On-kill Haha, easy, anyday.


  • These enemies are only seen in Level 8. It is unknown why they don't show up in other levels.
  • They are likely an older model of the Android SLC-56.
  • The voice clips said by these enemies are from Duke Nukem 3D.
  • It is the second weakest character in Plazma Burst 2, the first being the Minor Usurpation Soldier.
  • Alien Shotguns are not canonically used by T-01187s, but rather Eric simply did not create a proper weapon for them, and as such the Alien Shotgun remained as a placeholder weapon for them. It is unknown if the same goes for their usage of the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro.[1]
  • Along with the Android SLC-56 (and possibly the Android ATM-105), T-01187s are confirmed to be apart of an unknown faction which appeared during the Usurpation Invasion.[2]


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