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Approved maps are maps that have been identified as fair, balanced, fun, and popular by the Plazma Burst 2 community and staff. Approved maps can add to a player's Kill/Death Ratio and player points (in ranked matches), as they represent the competitive aspect of the Plazma Burst 2 Multiplayer. When a fair, fun, and balanced map receives enough positive reviews and becomes popular (or the community considers the map fair for the game), Eric Gurt will approve the map. In total, there are ≈200 approved maps.

Requirements for a map to be approved

  • It must be possible to play in for any player, including those who don't know how to selfboost. Make sure that every place may be reached by anyone.
  • Swords must be enabled.
  • Try to minimize the number of camping spots. Any camping spots that still exist must have a weakness or two. Or more.
  • A balanced amount of weapons and players per team in COOP mode. This doesn't necessarily mean 100% symmetry.
  • Players must not be able to glitch easily in the map.
  • Prohibited weapons: Drone Gun CS-Virus, Glock, M4A1, and any guns which were modified via gun modification triggers. Non-modified vehicle weapons may be allowed in form of decorations.
  • The map must not have any AI-controlled characters.
  • Keep the map size adequate, don't make it too big, nor too small.
  • In COOP, players must be safe for at least 2-3 seconds before being able to engage one another.
  • Weapons should not be too crowded on one place, spread them out, or otherwise people would be camping around such weapon piles.
  • No secret triggers may exist in the map. Invisible buttons should be somehow made obvious.
  • Keep the amount of texts and hints at the minimum, or, better yet, at zero.
  • Game speed and gravity should be normal at all times.
  • Death zones must be obvious.
  • Some luck, or otherwise your map wouldn't be noticed.

These are a few general tips. For a full and up-to-date list, look on the official website.

Additional tips

  • Stuck on modifying camping spots? You could use an engine mark to give players few grenades on each (re)spawn. (For more info about engine marks, see here.)
  • Double check certain parts of the map, and make sure that selfboosting is not the only method to reach them.
  • Wondering how to spread out guns? You could put "main" guns in COOP spawns, then some other guns around the unique parts of the map.
  • Try to make the design as non-mainstream as possible. A unique design gives additional chances of approval.
  • Do not add many powerful weapons, such as the CS-BNG. One, or two, generally can work fine, but the map must be balanced around them.
  • When making death zones, make sure that weapons that fall down are carried back onto the map.
  • Reduce camping spots as heavily as possible. Cover is very important.

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