Body breaking

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Body Breaking in action

Body breaking is a common multiplayer tactic that involves the use of PSI Blades or guns to dismember an opponent's dead body. This act disallows the broken player to be able to be healed via defibrillator, thus ensuring the player does not return until their next spawn. It is often used as a tactic in co-op matches in order to ensure that the enemy player cannot be revived, giving the body breaker's team a tactical and strategic advantage by keeping the numbers of enemies lower.

Heavy weapons tend to dismember bodies accidentally, and a shot to the head or legs to a player with low health will destroy the respective part of their body. Most players body break using swords, but it can be done with every weapon, excluding the Defibrillator and the Drone Gun CS-Virus. Players tend to body break with swords because it is the easiest way to dismember a downed enemy. While this tactic is useful in matches where there are enemies, it is definitely advised against in non-violent co-op matches such as saws, where it will reduce your own team's numbers and increase chance of failure.