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Saw/Escape maps commonly use the co-op mode.

Cooperative is a multiplayer game mode in which players eliminate each other in attempt to be the last team standing. Cooperative match rules are similar to Team Deathmatch, but with more customizable teams and without respawns. Unlike TDM, it is not possible to switch teams in this gamemode without rejoining the match.

Maps intended for this game mode usually contain Defibrillators, allowing players to revive dead teammates.

New players start dead in these maps and have to wait to be revived by their teammates or for the round to finish. The game resets after only one team is left, and every player respawns in the same location as before.

Cooperative games are broken up into rounds that resets after a team has won. The end of each round is displayed in chat text form in-game, along with the score for each team and how many rounds have passed. The round count continues to add until the game is disbanded.