Civil Protector

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Civil Protector.png

Civil Protector
Faction Civil Security
Origin Earth
Species Human
Gender N/A
Difficulty N/A
Health N/A
Weapon set N/A
Character ID 32

89 (Blue)

90 (Red)

The Civil Protector is a human character in Plazma Burst 2. The character has Air Force blue armor, made of large plates. The Civil Protector seems to follow Civil Security naming convention with the prefix of "Civil" in front of its name. However, its affiliation has not been confirmed by Eric Gurt. It does not appear in the campaign, so nothing much is known about it.


The Civil Protector has a red and blue version for Team Deathmatch.


  • The Civil Protector was added as part of version 1.28, and was originally created by Darkstar 1.[1]
  • The Civil Protector has its own weapon, the CP-Assault Rifle.
  • According to the design post, the Civil Protector is not meant for frontline combat. Instead it supports other Civil Security soldiers.[2]


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