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Civil Security
Type Military organization, firearms manufacturer, vehicle manufacturer
Origin Earth
Founded Unknown
Dissolved Still operating
Number of members Unknown

The Civil Security is a major enemy faction in Plazma Burst 2. It is a large security organization made up of soldiers based on Earth. This faction is an enemy of the protagonists and the Usurpation Forces. They are the third type of humans seen in the series, behind the protagonists and the Human Soldiers of the first game. The Civil Security are the most common enemy faction encountered by the Marine in Plazma Burst 2. They possess high-technology and advanced weaponry, and manufacture the majority of the weapons and half (possibly all) of the vehicles in the campaign. The Civil Security, while it is known to be a security force, has a large amount of soldiers and weapons for a regular private security company, and it is likely they are related to Earth's government, or are simply just a large organization. The Civil Security may have had some sort of connection with Correction Nine before it was shut down, as the Bosses in Level 40 are carrying the Correction Nine's weapons like the Marine does. It has been hinted that factions like the Civil Security bought Correction Nine equipment, after the faction's collapse.


There are four ranks in the Civil Security. The ranks are in ascending order as follows:

Civil Security Lite

The basic soldier of the Civil Security. These soldiers make up the bulk of the Civil Security Forces. They have smaller, round circular-shaped helmets and slender bodies, like the Civil Security Ghosts, but unlike the Civil Security Heavies and Bosses. They are the fastest of the Civil Security along with the the Civil Security Ghost. Lites tend to use the Pistol CS-Pro and Assault Rifle CS-RC, but may appear with slightly higher tech weaponry like the Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot. Some may even be encountered with no weapons; only PSI Blades. If they carry swords, it is advised to watch out for ranged enemies behind them. Lites are fast, so shooting them with slow projectiles can be difficult. Most of them are encountered in groups, along with Heavies and Bosses. If encountered in groups it is advised to use explosives like Rocket Launcher, CS-BNG and most efficient are grenades. Many Lites in a group can get dangerous, especially if they have heavy weapons like Railguns and Plasmaguns.

Civil Security Heavy

Heavies are of higher rank than the Civil Security Lites, but not as high as the Bosses. They have a helmet that has a "slit" for a visor. Their helmet points backwards and they use the more advanced weapons that the Civil Security are in possession of, such as the CS-BNG or the Plasmagun CS-Bloom. Heavies are slower than other foot soldiers and it is rare for them to be armed only with swords. However, they make up for their lack of speed with their heavy armor, which makes them hard to knock over. They take less knockback from projectiles and explosives as well, which gives them an edge even over the Civil Security Boss. It is not common for them to appear with a CS-BNG in earlier levels, but they begin to carry them more often as the game progresses. They do however, commonly appear with assault rifles and grenades in the earlier levels. As the games progresses one is seen fighting with Androids.

Civil Security Ghost

The Civil Security Ghosts possess armor similar to that of a Lite, but the color of the armor is black and the visor is green. Civil Security Ghosts are heavily modified humans, and as a result possess the ability to cloak and can only be seen when shot or when first spotted. They also do not speak. The Ghosts are regarded as the Civil Security's assassins and rarely work with other soldiers. They are rarely found with weapons, and most of them rely on their PSI Blades. The Ghosts are also the fastest of the Civil Security along with the Lites. They are likely infiltrating troops, used to conduct espionage behind enemy lines, or are otherwise used in situations where stealth is required.

Civil Security Boss

The highest rank of the Civil Security. They have a helmet that is identical to the Lites' helmets, but red. They have the body identical to a Heavy, but red as well. Their armor is quite heavier than the rest of the Civil Security, but provides excellent protection and movement. They use the heavier weapons that the Civil Security has and start appearing in the later levels; usually seen in pairs, they are also a bit faster then Civil Security Heavies, but slower than CS Lites. They rarely use the Lite Railgun. Cover is always advised, due to the fact that Bosses normally come in pairs, and will use pure brute force to eliminate any threat to their base or allies.


Pistol CS-Pro

A basic pistol that is used mainly by Civil Security Lites and vehicle operators. It is the standard sidearm of the Civil Security, but is rarely seen beyond the early levels of the campaign.

Assault Rifle CS-RC

A basic rifle. The weapon has low recoil and fires rapidly when shooting, and is the medium of the three rifles in the campaign in terms of accuracy and firepower. It is usually used by Lites in the middle of campaign, but Heavies use it at the beginning. An overall average firearm.

Combat Rifle CS-OICW

A decently accurate three-round burst rifle manufactured by the Civil Security. The weapon is not used by any enemies in the campaign currently, but due to its appearance in the hands of a Civil Security Heavy in its original concept art, it could be theorized that it was designed for use by these units.

Shotgun CS-DAZ

A close quarters shotgun manufactured by the Civil Security that is seen mid-game, and it is a signature weapon of Proxy. It is mostly used by Civil Security Heavies and Ghosts. One Lite is seen using it to fend off a horde of Usurpations in Level 31. It is a rare weapon overall.

Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot

A lighter version of the Heavy Railgun which is used by Lites in the middle of the campaign. Heavies sometimes use this in the early levels. It is rarely used by Bosses as well.

Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK

Almost always used by Heavies and Bosses in the middle/end of the campaign. It is an uncommon weapon among Lites, and the Lites that wield this weapon rarely have other weapons on them. It is the only weapon to be used by all Civil Security ranks. On Impossible difficulty, all enemy Heavy Railguns are replaced with Sniper Rifles, therefore any unit carrying a Heavy Railgun will have a Sniper Rifle instead. This does not apply for the Bosses on Level 19.


A highly accurate gauss rifle which behaves very similarly to the Heavy Railgun. The gun does a lot of damage, has high accuracy, and its only real downside is its slow reload time. It is not found in the campaign, and is exclusive to custom maps.

Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay

An average, highly accurate sniper rifle with an attached laser. It is only used in Impossible mode, where it replaces the Heavy Railgun. Outside of this, it has no other appearance besides Custom Maps.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro

An anti-vehicle weapon that fires explosive projectiles, causing splash damage. Used by all soldiers, except for Ghosts.

Plasmagun CS-Bloom

An automatic energy weapon used by the Lites, Heavies and Bosses. This weapon has slow projectiles that cause large damage. These will show up in the middle of the campaign.


An energy-based explosive launcher that fires a powerful green radioactive pellet. Mostly used by Bosses, but it is also used by Heavies.

Grenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBaby

A grenade launcher capable of shooting small grenades beyond throwing distance. It is used by Lites and Heavies in late and early levels of campaign.

Teleport Grenade v03 CS-PortNade

A grenade-like device that teleports the player to the location where the grenade detonates. As with most grenades, it is not used by enemies. It is not found in the campaign, either, and is exclusive to Multiplayer.

Portable Shield v07 CS-Quarium

A grenade which on detonation makes a circular shield. These only appear when the a campaign level is played on Impossible difficulty, replacing level 2 BNGs, and therefore are not common to find.

Grenade C-00n

Standard Correction Nine high-explosive grenade. Rarely carried by Civil Security enemies, but never used (because of PB2 artifical intelligence restrictions).

Ray Gun C-01y

This powerful energy shotgun-like weapon is used rarely by Heavies and Bosses. Manufactured by Correction Nine rather than the Civil Security themselves.

Assault Rifle C-01r

This Correction Nine assault rifle is found being used by Bosses on level 40, and is never seen elsewhere.


Hound Walker-CS

A large, biped mech used by Civil Security Lites and the protagonist during the middle levels of the campaign. It sports a cannon that shoots rounds similar to the size of the CS-BNG.

Mobile rO81-CS

A high-speed jeep-like automobile used by CS Lites (and later in the campaign, by the protagonist). It comes equipped with a minigun.


A small drone, they come with Miniguns and Grenade Launchers. Although not manufactured by the Civil Security, they are used by the Civil Security to defend and guard certain areas.


  • "Enemy spotted." or "Enemy forces!" - When a Lite, Heavy, or Boss spots an enemy. This is the most common thing they tend to shout out to the others to alert them of the player's presence.
  • "Requesting reinforcements!" - They will also shout this if they spot an enemy. Most of the Civil Security troops will shout this.
  • "Enemy over here" - The Lites, Heavies and Bosses will say this if they see/hear shots fired. This is not rare for them to say.
  • "Ugh... Dammit" - This will be said if a Lite, Heavy, or Boss is dying.

Ghosts do not have any any actual voice lines, however they do gargle upon death like other CS troops.


  • It is unknown why they are enemies with the main protagonists, as none of their motives have been uncovered.
  • Many weapons have "CS" in them, with CS standing for Civil Security. Any weapon that is manufactured by the Civil Security has the CS prefix somewhere in the name of the weapon.
  • The CS Boss units often have the most health out of all the units.
  • Civil Security Heavies appearance is akin to the EDF Troopers from Red Faction: Guerrilla.
  • The Civil Security Lite resembles Master Chief from the Halo trilogy.
  • The Civil Security Lite skin has red and blue versions, exclusive to custom maps and multiplayer only. It is the only Civil Security unit to have Team Deathmatch skins for it.
  • The multiplayer team for Civil Security is spelled: Citizen Security. This may be proper grammar, or just a mistake.
  • A Civil Security soldier on level 31 may joke, "These aliens remind me of my wife!"
  • The Civil Security are not related to the Human Soldiers from Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. The Human Soldiers were just a group of soldiers stationed on what looks like either Mars or the Moon.
  • The CS Boss is considered a zombie in zombie maps due to their high campaign HP and the color red to act as blood. CS Lites are considered humans, because the Boss looks somewhat like a gored Lite. Sometimes the Team Deathmatch red Lite skin is used.
  • The Civil Security faction has the highest number of manufactured weapons and vehicles out of any other faction in the entire Plazma Burst Series.

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