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Civil Security Heavy.png

Civil Security Heavy
Faction Civil Security
Origin Earth
Species Human
Gender Male
Difficulty Normal
Health Medium
Weapon set Medium-heavy
Character ID 7

The Civil Security Heavy is a heavily armored, slow moving Civil Security hostile. While fairly common, these units are less common than most of the other Civil Security in the Campaign, and they are often seen guarding important areas, inside and outside. These enemies are mostly deployed to defend restricted areas of their outposts or bases, especially when high health and stability is necessary.

Aside from their defensive arrangement, Civil Security Heavies are deployed into high-stake battles. The Civil Security Heavy is a force to be reckoned with, considering their variety of weaponry use and strong armor. Often Heavies will have many Civil Security Lites as back-up, or at their command. It is uncommon for Heavies to be the only enemies in a level, as Heavies tend to fight alongside other Civil Security soldiers.

Weapon Variety

Pistol CS-Pro

Some units carry a Pistol alongside their Assault Rifle. This is seen mainly in Level 1.

Assault Rifle CS-RC

This gun is the most common weapon used by Heavies, and soldiers using these can be found in nearly every Campaign Level. Soldiers wielding only an Assault Rifle are not much of a threat, however, in a fire team, they can be dangerous if not dealt with quickly. These soldiers often carry other weapons such as Rocket Launchers.

Shotgun CS-DAZ

These units are seen later on in the campaign; they are uncommon, and tend to carry other weapons with them.

Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot

Some Heavies carry Lite Railguns, but as the Campaign progresses, they often use Heavy Railguns instead. These soldiers often carry Assault Rifles or Rocket Launchers as well, however in early levels they often only carry a Lite Railgun.

Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK

It is not uncommon for Heavies carry the Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK, and on later levels you should expect Heavy Railguns, although a few units carrying these are seen as early as Level 9. One headshot from a level 2 or 3 Heavy Railgun can be fatal to the Marine. They often have other weapons with them, unlike Civil Security Lites, which, on top of their higher health and stronger armor, makes them far more deadly.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro

The Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro is an common unit that is deployed in any high security area inside of an outpost, or outside on the battlefield. Their Rocket Launchers can easily kill any hostile. Take caution around these heavies, as even just one shot can be fatal to the if it blasts him back into a wall. They often carry Assault Rifles or Railguns, but do show up lots of times only carrying a Rocket Launcher.

Grenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBaby

A uncommon unit, they are seen few times in early and later levels.


A very rare unit, they are very tough soldiers. They normally just carry BNGs, but will pick up other weapons, making them even more dangerous.

Plasmagun CS-Bloom

Units with this gun are fairly common soldiers, and they generally have other weapons. In groups they can be deadly, especially with the high rate of fire that the Plasmagun has, and the fact that you cannot deflect the shots of a Plasmagun.

Ray Gun C-01y

Civil Security Heavies that appear with Ray Gun C-01y are very rare. They only appear once in level 36 of the Proxy Campaign. It's possible these are part of special operations or are high ranking. These Heavies are very, very dangerous. Two blasts from a Ray Gun can kill Proxy, and it's very likely the first shot will blast you back into a wall.


There are a few ways to deal with Civil Security Heavies. Using weapons like the CS-BNG and Alien Shotgun are good for killing them. Shooting them in the head repeatedly kills them gradually, of course. Shotguns are great for taking out Heavies when upgraded to level 2-3. Otherwise, using the Assault Rifle CS-RC is enough for picking them off when alone. A fully upgraded Lite Railgun or just a Heavy Railgun will easily kill a heavy with 1-2 headshots. PSI Blades excels at killing them too, because of their slow speed they cannot slice with their PSI Blades as fast as other enemies. Also, because of their slow speed, it is advisable to keep moving around to stay out of their range, and allowing for kills from a distance.

Voice lines

The Civil Security Heavy shares its voice lines with the Civil Security Lite and the Civil Security Boss. The voice actor wished to remain anonymous.

Audio Type Transcript Notes
Alert I need help over here. Called out when a Heavy spots an enemy. This is the most common thing they tend to shout out to the others to alert them of the player's presence.
Alert Enemy spotted. The Heavies will say this if they see/hear shots fired. This is not rare for them to say.
Alert Requesting reinforcement. They will also shout this if they spot an enemy. Most of the Civil Security troops will shout this.
Alert Enemy forces. Called out when a Heavy spots an enemy. This is the most common thing they tend to shout out to the others to alert them of the player's presence.
Dying Dammit.


  • Civil Security Heavies start out with particularly low health on the first few levels of the campaign. However, both their maximum and current health pools will reach 500 overtime in the later levels. On the Impossible mode of difficulty, Civil Security Heavies have 210 hitpoints.
  • Heavy in level 28 can be seen using a CS-BNG. However he is "locked up" with another one to his left. What reason is unknown, but it may be possible it is trying the ambush the Marine.
  • Civil Security Heavies strike slower with their PSI Blades then other enemies, so they tend to lose more often in sword fights.
  • Heavies will not be able to jump to locations as easily as other Civil Security soldiers can, however, they're still able to make a "ladder", where they pile up onto each other in an attempt to reach a high wall.

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