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Controls overview screen since PB2 v1.20.
PB2 v1.0 controls overview screen.

Basic Movement

A - Move Left

S - Crouch

D - Move Right

W/Space - Jump

X - Fall

V - Drop current Weapon

Q - Last used weapon

G - Grenade

E - Use (Activate a button.)

Mouse Wheel Up - Next weapon

Mouse Wheel Down - Previous weapon

Single Player

C - Use Kinetic Module. (Allows user to lift objects such as weapons, barrels, dead enemies, etc)

Enter - Console

Tab - Change active hero.

Z - Time Warp (Activates Slow Motion, causes player to be faster than others.)


Esc - Show menu.

Space - Proceed (Use this when clicking on to levels and immediately starting it with your current difficulty selected.)

Mouse Click - Shoot/Select

~, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 - Change current weapon. Note: ~ does same effect as 0 (Changing current weapon to PSI Blades).


Enter - Chat

T - Team Chat

Tab - Leaderboard (Who has the most kill death ratio in the game at the moment and who is in the current match.)

Z - Shield nade (Deploys a grenade which explodes and creates a circular shield, which can reflect railgun attacks and other grenades outside.)

C - Teleport nade (Deploys a grenade which explodes and teleports the user to where it is, and if it is fired at while the player is about to spawn, the player will die when receiving the damage. If the grenade is thrown at a fast rate, the player will also be teleported in a fast movement, which may cause collision with a wall or ground, killing the player or harming him/her.)