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I remember that, scientists had sent two volunteers armed to the teeth... back to the past to change the course of history...

But communication with them was lost.

So let's find "Correction Nine" and finish what they started.

- Proxy and the Marine in level 38.
Correction Nine logo.png
Correction Nine
Type Scientific research organization, firearms manufacturer, vehicle manufacturer
Origin Earth
Founded Unknown
Status Dissolved
Number of members 0 (dissolved)

Correction Nine was a Human faction which involved the heroes and their objectives, as it was the faction that sent the Marine and Noir Lime back (mistakenly forward) into time. The faction was involved in the concept of time travel, and also was a possible cause of the invasion of Earth due to their prototype long-range portals.[1] Correction Nine was also the weapons manufacturer that made the "C-0" series of weapons. They also made vehicles, although it has not been specified which ones and when, though most likely it is the Jeep used in PB:FttP, and it is possible they made the Drone or the Drone's Minigun.

Correction Nine was shut down even before the events of PB:FttP, and its weapons and technology were sold to several factions, such as the Civil Security and the Falkoks. The faction is briefly mentioned in-game in Level 38 of the Campaign by the Marine. Because of this, players have assumed Correction Nine might have created the portal.

Correction Nine will probably be mentioned again in Plazma Burst 2.5.

Known members


The Marine is a known former member of Correction Nine. He is one of the two volunteers who was sent out to change the course of history.

Noir Lime

Noir Lime is also a known former member of Correction Nine. He performs under the support role, hence his Minigun C-02m.



The Electroshock is a taser-like weapon used only by the Marine. It is used to electrocute enemies and slowly kill them.

Pistol C-01p

A well rounded, yet somewhat inaccurate sidearm. It has a medium fire rate, medium to high damage, and maximum wall penetration.

Assault Rifle C-01r

A fairly average assault rifle used by the Human Soldiers, Falkoks and even the Civil Security in level 40. The rifle has a very high rate of fire and does a medium amount of damage.

SMG/Minigun C-02m

A large, automatic support weapon that deals a fairly good amount of damage, and also features a significant rate of fire. Its main downside is its poor accuracy.

Shotgun C-01s

A pistol-sized shotgun which fires three rounds at a time. It has a fast rate of fire for a shotgun, but also has a relatively wide spread.

Rocket Launcher

A strong rocket launcher that fires rockets with the ability to ricochet off walls without exploding. Each rocket creates a medium sized explosion that can easily kill enemies.

Plasma Cannon

A very powerful, shotgun-like energy weapon which fires three rounds. A round can severely damage an enemy, so all three of the bullets can easily kill. Due to this, the gun is forced to sacrifice its rate of fire, making it only useful while behind some sort of cover.

Ray Gun C-01y

A possible successor to the Plasma Cannon. It features similar projectiles, rate of fire, and damage. It also features the ability to fire four projectiles at max upgrade, and it has maximum piercing.


Correction Nine logo.png Correction Nine
Members MarineNoir Lime
Firearms ElectroshockPistol C-01pAssault Rifle C-01rMinigun C-02mSMGShotgun C-01sRocket LauncherGrenade Launcher C-00tPlasma CannonRay Gun C-01y
Grenades Grenade C-00n
Vehicles Unknown
Technology Time Machine