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Type Aircraft
Manufacturer Unknown
Size Medium
Health High
Difficulty Hard
Standard Weapon Vehicle Rocket Launcher
Vehicle ID veh_corvette

The Corvette is a large, aerial vehicle. It is similar to the Drone, but significantly larger, more heavily armed and heavily armored. The Corvette can be found in Level 41 of the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign, where the Civil Security are seen using it to guard the Time Machine.

This is one of the largest vehicles encountered in the Campaign. Corvettes are exclusive to the last level, in that they are the hardest to defeat. They use burst-fire rocket launchers, which fire 3-4 rockets rapidly, all of which deal less damage than a Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro's projectile.


  • Due to the fact that alongside the Corvettes are three Usurpation Destroyers with Ray Gun C-01y's, the Usurpation Destroyers may be a reference to the three Phoenix Falkoks in the last level of the first game.
  • Corvettes are just larger, deadlier versions of Drones.
  • Their color and design is similar to the Android SLC-56.
  • The definition for "Corvette" means: a small warship, larger than a junkie.
  • If you shoot a Drone Gun at the Corvette, the Drone Controller inside makes android hit sounds.
  • Corvettes do not eject their driver upon destruction; they blow up and kill the driver instead. This applies to Drones as well.
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