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Type Firearms and Battlesuit manufacturer, Security contractor
Origin Earth
Founded Unknown
Status Operating
Number of members Unknown

Crossfire is an multinational conglomerate that primarily focuses on small arms and military equipment manufacturing. Secondary interests of the company involve security and contracting services. The majority of the equipment produced by Crossfire has a slate gray color scheme.

Crossfire sells its services and weapons to many factions, groups, and other parties in a mostly indiscriminate manner. It fields a somewhat small security force, that is large enough to protect both the conglomerate's interests and provide security for other parties, but small enough that it is not considered a threat to the Civil Security. They have a large presence in Earth's economy and are well established there. They also have some facilities located on Mars.

The faction is community-made and was introduced in version 1.28 of Plazma Burst 2. The faction does not make an appearance in the campaign at all, and its appearance is limited entirely to the names of the guns and suits produced by them accessible via cheats, custom maps, or multiplayer.


Crossfire Headhunter

Headhunters are light units that make use of thin, lightweight armor and are typically used for scouting roles, but can also fill the role of a sniper or marksman. These soldiers, when contracted out, are often used in reconnaissance, but also serve as security forces. Headhunters are equipped with mid range weapons, but also make use of close range submachine guns.

Crossfire Sentinel

Sentinels mainly guard Crossfire facilities and areas they have been contracted out to, as heavy duty security. These soldiers wear thick battlesuits which protect them from most damage types. Sentinels make use of the heavier equipment that Crossfire has to offer, among other weapons.


Zephyr is the name of an unknown character who is testing a prototype Headhunter suit for a Crossfire research and development team. The suit makes use of Correction Nine technology, including improved ballistic protection and an experimental Time Warp Module.


Crossfire CR-34 Marauder

The CR-34 is a railgun comparable both to the Alien Pistol and the Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot because of its high rate of fire and reasonable damage. It has pinpoint accuracy, unlike most weapons.

Crossfire CR-42 Ghost

The CR-42 is a submachine gun which fulfills the role of a sidearm due to its small size and low caliber. Because of this, its damage is very low compared to other weapons. It has the highest rate of fire in the game, tied with the QCcV-50 Little Bastard.

Crossfire CR-45 Phantom

The CR-45 is a high-power battle rifle with a slower rate of fire than most other rifles. The Phantom is shown in a desert tan and gray color scheme with a blue magazine, and also has an alternative blue variant. The gap between the designations of the Ghost and the Phantom could imply there are other gun models.

Crossfire CR-54 Viper

The CR-54 is a rifle that fires poison-tipped bullets that release toxins into the bloodstream of the wounded over time, slowly killing them. It has both Crossfire color schemes.

Crossfire CR-145 Vortex

The CR-145 is a powerful plasma-based rifle which fires a slow, explosive round, comparable to those of the Energy Rifle and other ray weapons, but with the added effect of a large explosion radius and slower projectile speed.


  • Crossfire's size has been compared to modern-day corporations such as Google or Amazon in terms of influence over economy.
  • Crossfire is a business rival with many of the other firearm companies and corporations, and economically rival the Civil Security.
  • Currently, the faction is considered to be non-canon, at least with Plazma Burst 2's original story.