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The Drone is a rare enemy vehicle in PB:FTP. It bears no resemblance to the drone of the second game, and has a completely different sound and weapon. The drones are only seen in Level 11, when the Marine and Noir Lime are traveling in the Jeep to the Falkonian base. Their faction is unknown. They are able to communicate, a characteristic absent in every other un-manned vehicle in the series and most characters as well.

It is possible that they are made by or ground-operated by the Grubs, as they bleed the Grub's characteristic yellow blood and share the same metallic armour. Drones are armed with a special Ray Rifle TCoRR-type weapon, similar to the Grubs' one. These cannons fire two projectiles at a slow automatic speed, and have a firing sound like the Vehicle Minigun from Plazma Burst 2.

The drone was added to Plazma Burst 2 in version 1.32 as a decoration.


  • The vehicles supposedly read the text that appears on-screen, in an electronic voice, simulating radio communication. This could be evidence of their sentience, or possible remote operation by a sentient faction.
  • The Jeep's cannon can take the Drones out in two or three hits.
  • It is also possible that they were used as guards for the Falkonian base, attempting to take out Noir Lime's jeep before it reached the Falkonian base.
  • Because the drones appear to bleed when damaged, it is possible that they are controlled by living organisms, or are themselves organisms or hybrids.

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