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The X button in combat.

Falling is a basic capability in the Plazma Burst 2. This is an effective maneuver that can be used to evade enemy bullets and take cover behind smaller objects. To fall, a player must push the 'X' button and hold it down. The player will remain prone until the X button is released. Although this key seems useless, it is very helpful in and out of combat. This operation can also be used to lag out of thin walls and to fly while using a fast firing gun.

In Combat

A large jump.

Falling can be an extremely useful tactic is many combat scenarios. This action can be used for taking cover behind low blocks, flipping, dodging enemy bullets, and propelling the player upwards ('flying'). If you are ever in combat and the enemy is shooting at you, using the X key can really help. If you press it, you fall down and a majority of the enemy's shots miss until they realize you are on the ground. You can use this action to throw off the enemy and ambush them, possibly killing them.

Out of Combat

You can use the X key to slide through tight spaces you can't squat through. If you hold X and press left, you move left slowly and vice versa for right. Another strategy is to shoot which will help move you faster. If you ever come across a long pit, the X button is very helpful. If you run, jump and press X and shoot, you can glide even farther than you hoped to.