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Cyber Grub.png

Species Grub
Faction Human Soldiers
Origin Mars
Health Medium
Difficulty Hard
Weapon Set Medium
Character ID 16

The Grub, also known as the Cyber Grub, is a Martian enemy in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past and a playable skin in Plazma Burst 2 custom maps. This enemy first made an appearance in the early levels of Plazma Burst: Forward to the past.

Although the Grub is not as well armored and not well armed (unlike its counterparts, the Blue Armored Grub and Red Armored Grub), it can still be a formidable foe. The Grub is only known to carry a basic energy weapon that fires a single yellow projectile, but since the Grub has a cannon on each arm, it fires both simultaneously. They are first encountered on the second level of the first game, and last encountered on level 4.

The Grub skin was added into Plazma Burst 2 as a part of the Version 1.20 update. However, its Arm Cannon no longer works, possibly because of balance issues it would bring in, or simply engine constraints.

Grubs are aliens that are harvested by Human Soldiers in order to aid them in conflict. Human Soldiers sometimes heavily modify Grubs, and even implant robotic parts into them.[1]

Weapon variety

Arm Cannon

Grubs have an integrated single-shot/shotgun type weapon in their arm. The arm cannon fires a single yellow projectile and has a fairly slow fire rate, but it deals medium-high damage. The arm cannon is not a particularly dangerous, and can be avoided if a Grub is dispatched quickly. However, it does have high knock back. All Grubs, Elite included, found in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past have some kind of variant of this weapon.


  • This character has rather slow movement speed in Plazma Burst 2. This could be due to armor.
  • The Grubs were probably made to defend areas from intruders from trespassing if they breach most areas that the Human Soldiers are guarding.
  • Grubs may attack the Human Soldiers occasionally if they see the Marine and the Human Soldiers at the same time. This possibility occurs due to the Marine being the same species as the Human Soldiers, and the Grubs probably gets confused on who to fire at.
  • According to Eric Gurt, Grubs are plastic life forms.[2]


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