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Enter as Guest button.

A Guest is an anonymous player. As a guest, your K/D ratio is not counted, and you only have access to some Skins randomly. Chatting is still allowed, however. Guests' accessibility is limited, and their name is randomly picked. You can easily enter a game as guest by pressing the "Enter as Guest" button.

Entering multiplayer as a Guest is a good strategy if a player wants to rack up kills and deaths without their K/D ratio being affected. However, guests are typically deemed inferior to players using accounts, resulting in guest discrimination.

As a Guest

  • You don't have to create an account.
  • You don't have a profile.
  • You can't rate maps.
  • You can't make maps.
  • You can't create ranked matches, nor play them. You can, however, spectate them.
  • Your nickname changes each time you log in as a guest.
  • Your skin for multiplayer is selected at random. After joining a match with that current skin, you will remain having that skin when joining as guest (unless you reconnect, then you might get a different character).

Skins available for guests

In the first years after the development of Plazma Burst 2, guests always spawned with the same skins in multiplayer games. The Minor Usurpation Soldier was the default guest skin for Deathmatches, while the Civil Security Lite was the team-play skin. Recent game updates have removed this feature; guests can now take the form of a variety of skins. Here is a list of the skins that a guest can use:


  • To enter a server as a guest, you can also use login ".guest" with password ".guest".
Guests have the ability to make matches, but they cannot make ranked matches.