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The Health bar, along with the Vehicle Health bar.

Health is a feature in Plazma Burst 2 and Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past which allows combat. When your health reaches 0, you die. When under 30, you will enter a "dying" state and your health will automatically decrease slowly and you will fall to the ground, like you would when pressing the "X" key (Note: This never happens with you on Easy/Normal difficulties in singleplayer). If you have a Defibrillator, you can heal yourself back to your previous condition. When enough damage is done to the arms or legs, then you will lose them, in which it leaves you in a state where you are unable to walk.

On Easy and Normal difficulty, enemies can not and do not regenerate health without aid of a Defibrillator, although on Hard and Impossible, they do. On Easy/Normal/Hard mode, the Marine and Proxy can have 750 and 500 health respectively, depending on the battlesuit used by the Marine, while Noir Lime will always has 800. On Impossible level of difficulty, the Marine can have 130 (If Lite Battlesuit) or 150 (If Heavy Battlesuit) HP, whereas Proxy only has 130 HP, and Noir Lime 150.


This happens when you set the Max Health to 0
  • Unlike the Time Warp, this feature does not require anything like "energy".
  • If you lose your arms somehow, you cannot do anything at all but die slowly, which leaves you open to an enemy ready to execute the finishing blow.
  • If you lose your legs, then you will lose health slowly but still retain the  ability to shoot guns and use the Defibrillator. The Defibrillator can heal you to 50% health at maximum, but your HP will slowly drain constantly, thus needing you to wield and use the Defibrillator constantly or restart the stage.
  • In Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past, your health does not regenerate automatically and you have to collect health packages to restore it.
  • You can complete a mission when dying.