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The Heavy Battlesuit is the secondary armor of the Marine. It is built for protection and stability. This battlesuit reduces your movement speed from the default Lite Battlesuit, but boosts your health to 750 HP (150 HP on Impossible difficulty) and reduced damage from falls may be lifesaving in certain situations.


The Heavy Battlesuit has by far the largest PSI Blades in the game. They are sky blue while the helmet is large and is semi-dark blue. The soles of the boots are grey while the module on the back is layered with grey. The rest of the armor is white. This armor is very hawk-like. It is best used in levels with many explosive and blow back weapons. In the later levels, rocket launchers deal much more damage, so the heavy battlesuit is recommended. The appearance of the CS-BNG further encourages use of the battlesuit.


The Heavy Battlesuit is designed for heavy firefights. Use this suit to counter more dangerous foes in the later levels. Explosive and weapons that knock-back will be less effective against the Heavy Battle suit. The Lite Battlesuit might be a better option for the earlier levels, as the higher jump and speed is useful for reaching ledges.


Gray Heavy Battlesuit
  • The heavy battlesuit is among the heaviest armor available to any player character, only defeated by Noir Lime's suit, which is somehow lighter. This may be due to being manufactured from a superior material.
  • You can switch out different colors for the arms, torso, legs, head. Strangely, when the player's body is mutilated, it bleeds different colors.
  • Oddly, when using the Heavy Battlesuit, Proxy gains a health boost as well. This, however, doesn't happen on the Impossible difficulty.
  • Because of the its heavy weight, the Heavy Battlesuit can't perform walljumps as easily as most other characters.
  • It is the only suit that has large PSI Blades.
  • The same symbol in the loading screen can be seen all over the Heavy Battlesuit, and on blue barrels too. However, it's unclear whether this is a symbol or just a design.
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