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Using the Kinetic Module to levitate a dead Usurpation Soldier.

The Kinetic Module is a special ability that can be utilized to move distant or obstructive objects. This feature is used by the Marine on all single player maps. It enables the player to move barrels, characters, and weapons to a specified location using an unknown force, usually represented by a glistening white light over objects and the player's arm.

To use it, the player must press and hold down C. If used correctly, barrels can be moved and weapons can be taken that players haven't even dropped. The Kinetic Module can be a very hard skill to master, as it requires button correlation and cursor precision, and can take many days to fully master.


In early game versions, it was possible to use the Kinetic Module everywhere and at any time, even underwater.

The Kinetic Module can be used to perform a number of special tasks. These operations are difficult and often impossibly to perform without the help of this feature. The Kinetic Module can be used to move bodies. It can also be used to reach objects otherwise inaccessible, or too dangerous to be retrieved. When activated, a white circle of energy is seen around the players hand, and the object being picked up. Heavier objects like barrels and enemies will be harder to move than lighter ones like weapons.

In addition, the Kinetic Module (especially in the Heavy Battlesuit) can be extremely useful in throwing explosive barrels at an enemy. This can be useful when it is desired to damage a group of enemies without being detected. A player may throw the barrel like a grenade, or they may use the barrel as a club. In the earlier levels such as level 1 it is easy to slice right through an enemy and kill them with a hard blow from a barrel. What may be even more potent is throwing one of the barrel halves after its detonation. If utilized correctly, a barrel shrapnel thrown at an enemy at high speed can slice right through them, perhaps even taking out another enemy next to them. However, be careful throwing the shrapnel, for it can kill you just as easily as it can kill them.

Pushing two Civil Security Lites of a cliff.

Despite the risks, this skill is extremely useful. However, the battlesuit cannot maintain a kinetic hold with an object while jumping. Another useful ability of the Kinetic Module is utilized by picking up an enemy's corpse to use it as a shield. You can also hover by sliding a explosive barrel under yourself. Despite this granting you ludicrously high amounts of speed, it is also very unstable, and you will most likely find yourself smashing into walls with an accompanying explosion if not controlled or reined in properly. You can also catch grenades. Due to the above notes, it is extremely unlikely it will ever make an appearance in Multiplayer.


Using the Kinetic Module to fly with a barrel.
  • You can grab activated grenades (such as the ones from a grenade launcher), and toss it back at the enemy. You can also "catapult" your grenades as well or "redirect" a misfired grenade.
  • Use the module to grab items from a distance that are otherwise booby trapped (for example, the Plasmagun CS-Bloom on Level 7) or too hazardous to reach physically.
  • You can move barrels that would prove hazardous.
  • The Heavy Battlesuit's Kinetic Module is slightly stronger than the Lite Battlesuit's module.
  • The "game2" engine mark along with the "disable Kinetic Module" trigger action in the Map Editor can be used to disable this module in-game.
  • You can pick up dead bodies and use them as "meat shield", though it is not always effective because some weapons can penetrate through your makeshift shield.
  • It can't be used while you are in the air or in water; however it's possible to use the Kinetic Module to move things (virus modules of the Drone Gun, grenades, barrels, etc.) that are in the water.
  • You also can steal guns from allies. (Note: If they only have one gun and you stole it, their swords will be disabled.)
  • It is easier to pick up a body by decapitating it and aiming for its neck with the Kinetic Module. This appears to grab the creature's top vertebrae. This can be used to fling an enemy at another or move the dead out of the way.
  • You can grab things from any distance. The only limitation is the screen zoom.
  • It is unknown if the Kinetic Module is just a part of the Marine's suit, or that anyone could use it.