Level 27

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Level 27.png

Level 27
Protagonists Marine
Enemy factions Civil Security, Usurpation Forces
Difficulty Easy
Enemy characters Civil Security Lite, Advanced Usurpation Soldier
Number of enemies 8
Enemy vehicles Crate (neutral)
Number of vehicles 3
Enemy weapons Assault Rifle CS-RC, Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK (easy, normal and hard), Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay (impossible), Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro
Number of weapons 8
Characters introduced None
Vehicles introduced None
Weapons introduced None
Decorations Floor gravitator
Number of decorations 1
Barrels Orange
Number of barrels 3
Sky Yellow, bright
Map size (bytes) Unknown

Level 27 is a level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. In this level, Advanced Usurpation Soldiers will attack the Civil Security, while the Marine is making his way up. After he defeats the Usurpations, the Marine must do a special wall jump to get up.


The Marine finds himself partially outside a building on the left. Naturally, he ventures inside and finds a few Civil Security Lites on the floor above him. There is a thin door separating the Marine and the enemies. However, a few seconds later, a couple of heavily armed Advanced Usurpation Soldiers teleport in and attack the Lites.

As the enemies attempt to finish each other off, the Marine dispatches any remaining enemies and soon makes his way to a higher position. Nearby, one final Advanced Usurpation can be found behind a thin door. Note: On Impossible difficulty, all Heavy Railguns are Sniper Rifles instead, and since all the Advanced Usurpations carry Heavy Railguns, it means the last alien can hit you through the door.

Once all of the enemies have been dispatched, the Marine, who reaches a tall, wide shaft, is prompted to wall jump, but with an automatic rifle. After using a weapon to wall jump up the shaft, the Marine walks down a tunnel, ending the level.


Civil Security Lite

There are 5 of them, they carry Rocket Launchers and Assault Rifles.

Advanced Usurpation Soldier

There are 3 of these enemies, seen with Heavy Railguns. Two of them attack the Civil Security Base, while the other waits at the end of the level.


  • In order to do the special wall jump, you must use an automatic weapon. The first thing you have to do is run just like how you would do in a normal wall jump, and then wall jump and keep shooting down with the weapon, which is quite easy if you understand what is told in the hint.
    • Alternatively you can use a CS-BNG to blast yourself up the shaft.