Level 29

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Level 29.png

Level 29
Protagonists Marine
Enemy factions Civil Security
Difficulty Medium/Hard
Enemy characters Civil Security Lite
Number of enemies 15
Enemy vehicles None
Number of vehicles 0
Enemy weapons Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot, Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro, Grenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBaby
Number of weapons 23
Characters introduced None
Vehicles introduced None
Weapons introduced None
Decorations None
Number of decorations 0
Barrels Blue
Number of barrels 13
Sky Yellow, bright
Map size (bytes) Unknown

Level 29 is a level in the Plazma Burst 2 campaign. In this level, the Marine finds himself in a dangerous Civil Security area high off the ground.


The level begins with the Marine standing unnoticed near an indoor fall-to-death shaft. On either side, there are Civil Security Lites who reside outside of the small building. The player will typically choose to shoot the Lite on the left, armed with a Grenade Launcher. There is a roof above the Marine's head that contains more enemies, who will take notice when another dies. Enemy Civil Security begin to rush the Marine with Rocket Launchers. This part is very dangerous, as there is only a small guard on the left. The Marine can easily be thrown out of the map by a rocket. Once the initial section has been cleared, the Marine gets behind a few walls and falling to death is no longer a safety concern. There is another base, full of enemies with Railguns that can present a hazard to the Marine if not dealt with quickly. After completing this section, the Marine comes across an outdoor base area with 2 remaining enemies. There is a death shaft that will kill the player if they fall in, but it can also be used to eliminate the enemies. After jumping over the final death shaft, the player reaches the level end area.


Civil Security Lite

The only enemy in the level, they carry a wide variety of weapons. This includes the Rocket Launcher, the Lite Railgun, and the Grenade Launcher. There are 15 Lites in this level.