Level 37

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Level 37.png

Level 37
Protagonists Marine, Proxy, Android SLC-56
Enemy factions Civil Security, Usurpation Forces
Difficulty Medium/Hard
Enemy characters Civil Security Lite, Usurpation Destroyer
Number of enemies 40
Enemy vehicles Crate (neutral)
Number of vehicles 1
Enemy weapons Alien Rifle, Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot, Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK (easy, normal and hard), Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay (impossible), Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro
Number of weapons Unknown
Characters introduced None
Vehicles introduced None
Weapons introduced None
Decorations None
Number of decorations 0
Barrels Blue
Number of barrels 16
Sky Yellow, dark
Map size (bytes) Unknown

Level 37 is a later level in the Plazma Burst 2 campaign. This level is well known for introducing the Marine to Proxy. In this level, the two meet each other during a small battle between Civil Security and the Usurpation Forces. The level eventually escalates into a large battle against the Usurpation Destroyers.

Near the middle of this level, the two allies encounter two secret androids which become the two players' allies. It is possible to play as them by pressing the TAB button. Near the end of the level, it is possible to follow a hallway to a crate that contains a CS-BNG which Proxy or the Android SLC-56s can pick up.


Usurpation Destroyer

These enemies appear with Alien Rifles and Heavy Railguns. There are 38 Destroyers. They have 350 HP on Easy, Normal, Hard difficulties and 150 on Impossible difficulty.

Civil Security Lite

There are 2 Lites at the beginning of the map. Just like the Destroyers, they have 350 HP (130 on Impossible).


  • At the far end of the level, there is a hidden crate which contains a non-upgraded CS-BNG.
  • There is a switch right at the beginning of the level, above the ceiling. If activated, two Androids SLC-56 teleport to the area. If the player uses the cheat code "friends" the player can press TAB and switch characters to the Androids, and find out where they are.
  • The secret androids have 400 hp on easy, normal, hard difficulty, but 245 hp on impossible difficulty. However if you use the cheat ''friends" and switch to the androids before pressing the button that teleports them, you will see that they have 190 hp on impossible difficulty, instead of 245 hp.
A full view of the level.