Level 40

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Level 40.png

Level 40
Protagonists Marine, Proxy, Noir Lime
Enemy factions Civil Security, Falkonians
Difficulty Hard
Enemy characters Civil Security Boss, Falkok
Number of enemies 13
Enemy vehicles Crate (neutral)
Number of vehicles 3
Enemy weapons Assault Rifle C-01r, Ray Gun C-01y, Defibrillator, Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro, Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK (easy, normal and hard), Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay (impossible), Drone Gun CS-Virus
Number of weapons 32
Characters introduced Noir Lime
Vehicles introduced None
Weapons introduced Minigun C-02m, Drone Gun CS-Virus
Decorations Broken ship, ceil teleport, floor teleport
Number of decorations 5
Barrels Red
Number of barrels 1
Sky Yellow, dark
Map size (bytes) Unknown

Level 40 is a Campaign level in Plazma Burst 2. In this level, the Marine and Proxy will revive and meet Noir Lime, who crashes down to Earth in his ship. The heroes will encounter some Civil Security Bosses and clear a Civil Security base in pursuit of the time machine.


The level begins with the Marine and Proxy on the far end of a Civil Security base. There is a large room in front of the characters with an opening in the ceiling, and the players are prompted to advance across the room. As the Marine reaches the center of the room, a Falkonian Ship crashes through the building and kills its occupant, Noir Lime, who is then revived by the heroes. Noir Lime informs the players about the time machine or final destination of the campaign, and they proceed to enter the Civil Security fortification.

The players pass by a few crates, containing Plasmaguns and the new Drone Gun CS-Virus. An squad of heavily armed Bosses lurks behind the crate area. Each initial Boss is equipped with a Drone Gun. These enemies will fire at the protagonists from behind large blocks. Grenades are exceptional at damaging these entrenched enemies. Another group of Civil Security Bosses shows up to reinforce the first units. These enemies are equiped with some of the most powerful weapons in the game, like the Heavy Railgun and the Ray Gun.

After a few waves of reinforcements, the Bosses on the main level have been defeated. There is a teleport on the far right side of the map that leads the player into another room full of Bosses, as well as an elevator than allows all of the allies to fight the remaining enemies in the level. The heroes make their way over to the bottom right side of the building and complete the level.


Civil Security Boss

There are 10 Bosses, armed with various heavy weapons such as the Drone Gun, the Ray Gun, and the Heavy Railgun. All have 1000 hp on easy/normal/hard difficulty and 300 hp on impossible difficulty.



Since PB2 version 1.17, there are Falkoks and a destroyed Falkonian Ship on the roof.

There is one living Falkok found on top of the roof armed with an Assault Rifle and a Defibrillator, but can also pick up a Ray Gun. There are two more dead Falkoks, but if revived by the alive teammate, they will grab the remaining Assault Rifles, with a chance to pick up the only Ray Gun. The one Falkok, who is alive, has 200 HP on easy/normal/hard difficulty, but 170 on impossible difficulty.

It is unknown why the other two Falkoks were dead, but they probably had died crashing onto the rooftop of the building, leaving one Falkok still alive, who could revive them after the impact of the ship crashing. It is possible that these Falkoks had followed Noir Lime back to Earth but were unable to catch him, crashing in the wrong spot.


  • This is the only level with the Drone Gun CS-Virus.
  • This is the only level with Falkoks.
  • This is one of the few levels where enemies carry the Assault Rifle C-01r.