Level 41

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Level 41.png

Level 41
Protagonists Marine, Proxy, Noir Lime
Enemy factions Civil Security, Usurpation Forces
Difficulty Hard
Enemy characters Usurpation Destroyer
Number of enemies 3
Enemy vehicles Corvette
Number of vehicles 8
Enemy weapons Ray Gun C-01y, Vehicle Rocket Launcher
Number of weapons 11
Characters introduced None
Vehicles introduced Corvette
Weapons introduced Vehicle Rocket Launcher
Decorations Floor gravitator, wide teleport
Number of decorations 4
Barrels None
Number of barrels 0
Sky Not visible
Map size (bytes) Unknown

Level 41 is the second to last level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. This is the final level with the heroes, and is also the level where the Time Machine is found and activated, allowing the protagonists to continue on their journey. It is a difficult level; especially if the player doesn't have good weapons or doesn't know how to use them.


Level 41 begins with the Marine standing on the other side of an elevator door with Noir Lime and Proxy on the other side. Noir Lime then brings up the question of who will activate the time machine. The Marine agrees to activating the time machine by himself, and the elevator lowers into a room with three Corvettes. These enemies are numerous, and they have very high health and powerful rocket cannons. The Marine is forced to destroy all of the Corvettes and make his way onto a platform. It is nearly impossible to do it with a plain pistol, rifle or shotgun. It is certainly advised to use a fully upgraded Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK or a Ray Gun C-01y, both which can be found in level 40. Other powerful weapons like the CS-BNG are suggested as well.

After the Marine has done this, he hops onto a platform that contains even more enemies. These enemies are three Usurpation Destroyers armed with Ray Guns, with a high amount of health. These Destroyers present a serious threat to the player. The Marine dispatches these hostiles and opens a door on the right side of the platform, leading into a room with more Corvettes. This time, Proxy and Noir Lime join him in fighting off the Corvettes. When all of the fighting is over, the three make their way over to the time machine. The machine is activated, and the level is finished. This scene also marks the end of the hero's campaign in Plazma Burst 2.


Usurpation Destroyer

They are seen guarding the entrance to the Time Machine, using level 3 Ray guns. Three of these enemies exist. They all have 1000 HP on easy/normal/hard difficulty, but 150 HP on impossible difficulty.



The strongest enemy in the level, and in the whole campaign. They carry Vehicle Rocket Launchers. There are eight Corvettes in the level, with three being found in the first room, while the other five are fought with Noir Lime and Proxy. The corvette's "driver" has 100 HP on easy/normal difficulty, 200 HP on hard and 130 HP on impossible difficulty.


A full view of the level.
  • This resembles the last level in PB:FttP. The three Usurpation Destroyers could be the three Phoenix Falkoks and the power of the Corvettes could theoretically be combined as Sword Bot, in a metaphorical sense.
  • When the player reaches the final teleporter, Noir Lime will say "Forward to the past!", and the campaign comes to a close. This is most likely a reference to the first game.
  • If you complete the level with Sound FX enabled and Music disabled, the game will set the Music volume to same level as Sound FX volume.
  • An easy way to destroy the Corvettes is to stand on them and rapidly stab the Corvette with your PSI Blades, especially while time warp is enabled.
  • The three Usurpation Destroyers on the level were actually supposed to be a new type of Android, and therefore their appearance is non-canon.