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Type Aircraft
Faction Unknown
Size Medium
Health Low
ID veh_capsule

The Life-Capsule is a small, drop pod vehicle in Plazma Burst 2 that can bring a player down to the ground without damage. The capsule remains closed until it hits the ground, when the capsule breaks open, allowing the character to step out. Unlike many Plazma Burst vehicles, it cannot be controlled, and the pieces cannot be moved. It usually absorbs the impact upon coming into contact with the ground, but it can allow the player to be damaged if it lands improperly or askew.

Destroyed capsule.

The Life Capsule appears on Level 1 in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign, where the Marine is seen dropping down to Earth inside. The life capsule is fairly uncommon in the campaign, only being used by enemies when the Civil Security troops utilize the equipment to drop down to locations in Level 24. Because this vehicle cannot be controlled, it is unfavorable in many game instances, and is rare in the campaign and custom maps.


Glitched capsule.
A capsule right after "breaking".
  • At least one Falkonian Ship (the Marine's stolen one) has a Life-Capsule in it, as the Marine uses it to drop from his crashing ship.
  • The outline of this vehicle looks like a giant grenade with doors.
  • If the life capsule is dropped in a bad way, it may move mid-air.
  • If you put the health of an Capsule too high, the capsule will land but will not break.
  • In the main menu screen, after a few seconds, hundreds of Life-Capsules drop down to Earth. It is most likely the Usurpation invasion occurring. Note that around 10 of these are smaller and red. There is a Falkonian Ship as well.
  • The pieces can't be picked up by the Kinetic Module.
  • You can't shoot out of the capsule but you can throw grenade out of it, like all other vehicles.
  • If the capsule is placed too high, it will cause damage to the player inside. The health of the capsule can be adjusted to reduce the impact damage.
  • The only weapon that Civil Security troops dropping down from Life-Capsules in the campaign use are Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK.
  • The character gets ejected much earlier than a capsule would be opened/destroyed visually.
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