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The Lite Battlesuit is one of the two battlesuits worn by the Marine, the other being the Heavy Battlesuit. The player is able to customize the helmet worn by the Marine, in addition to changing the color of various suit components, none of which affect the stats of the Marine.

In comparison with the Heavy Battlesuit, the Lite Battlesuit is advantageous by being much more mobile and having a smaller hitbox, however it does offer the Marine less protection (only 500HP compared with the 750HP of the Heavy Battlesuit on easy mode) therefore it should be considered for levels where movement is of importance. In addition, the Heavy Battlesuit does not feature the ability to customize the helmet.


  • This suit is similar to the armor from Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past in it's fully upgraded state.
  • The suit has an antenna on the backside, some believe it is a communication device[citation needed]

  • Changing the color of any suit component also changes the color of the character's gore upon being wounded or killed[citation needed]

. This also applies to skin color, where it is possible to change the color of Proxy's arm based on the color chosen.

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