Minor Usurpation Soldier

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Minor Usurpation Soldier.png

Minor Usurpation Soldier
Faction Usurpation Forces
Origin Unknown
Species Alien
Gender N/A
Difficulty Low
Health Low
Weapon set Light
Character ID 2 (with max HP being 0-170 only)

79 (Blue)

80 (Red)

The Minor Usurpation Soldier is an alien enemy and the lowest of the Usurpation Forces ranks in Plazma Burst 2. Overshadowed by the Major Usurpation Soldier, these enemies are more of a scout-type of soldier rather than a combat type. They wear the lightest armor that offers very little protection and they tend to carry smaller, lighter weapons.

Minors are almost always found in groups and are seen in the early levels. They gradually get less frequent throughout the campaign, as they have very low health, and the Major Usurpation Soldiers offered a higher-health alternative and presented more of a challenge to the player. The Usurpation Minors will not show up alive anywhere in the campaign if the player sets the game difficulty to Hard or Impossible; they will be replaced with Majors.

Weapon variety

Alien Pistol

These are most likely the scouts for a larger Usurpation army in waiting. Soldiers using the Alien Pistol don't pose a very large threat for the pistol itself does very little damage. These units are most likely expendable soldiers sent to test the strength of the enemy.

Alien Rifle

A little more powerful than those carrying the Alien Pistol, the Usurpation Minors using the Alien Rifle are the basic fighting force of the Usurpation Forces, probably more useful as cannon fodder than actual soldiers. These soldiers are likely placed in unsuspecting and unimportant areas where the more valuable Usurpers aren't needed.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro

These are only seen in level 39. They are very deadly enemies, for they teleport in large groups. They are the most powerful of the Minor Usurpation Soldiers, but still are much less powerful than the other Usurpation ranks.


These enemies are not difficult to deal with in the least so just about any gun does the job. They do have still have PSI Blades, which can cause a lot of damage, so mind your distance. These weak hostiles will usually stay in groups of at least 2, so be careful of the others while engaging a single enemy. High penetrating and splash damage weapons can easily kill a large number of these soldiers.

Voice lines

The Minor Usurpation Soldier shares its voice lines with the Major Usurpation Soldier and the Advanced Usurpation Soldier.

Audio Type Transcript Notes


  • In Multiplayer Guests were always seen with this skin before one of the updates.
  • They are considered one of the weakest of all characters in the game.
  • Minor Usurpations might be 'grunts' like the Civil Security Lites.
  • They are never seen fighting alongside Major Usurpation Soldiers or Usurpation Destroyers, but are seen fighting alongside Advanced Usurpation Soldiers.

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