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Wall Penetration.png

Penetration is the stat that represents a weapon's projectile's ability to penetrate walls of various sizes. Projectile power and class are the determining factors for a weapon's penetration power, with higher projectile power allowing for more penetration. Only bullet-class weapons have the ability to penetrate walls, as plasma, rail, and explosive projectiles have no penetration. The maximum penetration a weapon (without the use of triggers) can possess is four blocks. The Ray Gun C-01y, Pistol C-01p, Alien Rifle, and Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay all have four-block penetration.

The standard penetration of bullet weapons is three blocks. Penetration can also depend on upgrade level. The amount of blocks a weapon can penetrate is also not uniform, weapons with the same number of block penetration capabilities with different projectile powers will have different performances at different angles. For example, both the Shotgun CS-DAZ and the Shotgun C-01s have a penetration power of three blocks. However, the C-01s possess a higher projectile power of 1.1, compared to the CS-DAZ's 0.9, meaning the C-01s has the ability to penetrate three block walls with a greater variety of angles.

Exceptions to the bullet class only rule include the Grenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBaby and the Drone Gun CS-Virus. These weapons lack penetration qualities, but can still glitch through thin walls. This is accomplished by running against the wall and firing them, allowing the projectiles to then glitch and appear on the other side.

List of wall penetration values

4 blocks

3 blocks

2 blocks

1 block

No weapons only penetrate through one block.

0 blocks

Slot 1 ElectroshockPistol C-01pPistol CS-ProAlien PistolAlien Plasma PistolFalkonian PistolGlockQCcV-50 Little BastardCrossfire CR-42 GhostRevolver MK1
Slot 2 Assault Rifle C-01rMinigun C-02mAssault Rifle CS-RCCombat Rifle CS-OICWLight Machine Gun CS-LMGAlien RifleRay Rifle TCoRRM4A1Star Defender RifleAssault Rifle AV-135PHANX-92 FalconetPHANX-150 BisonCP-Assault RifleCrossfire CR-45 PhantomOEDA CR-30 RifleMarksman Rifle CS-RMAssault Rifle CS-IK
Slot 3 Shotgun C-01sShotgun CS-DAZAlien ShotgunFalkonian ShotgunShotgun NXS-25Android ShotgunPlasma ShotgunAlien Rail ShotgunEos Auto ShotgunScavenger Shotgun
Slot 4 Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShotHeavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneKCS-GaussRifleSniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYayAlien Sniper RifleFalkonian Marksman RifleNeedleEnergy RifleAndroid Sniper RifleAndroid RailgunFalkonian PSI CutterHeavy Sniper Rifle RQ-10Crossfire CR-34 MarauderArchetype 27XXCrossfire CR-54 ViperPHANX-230 Cobra
Slot 5 Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher CS-LitBroGrenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBabyFalkonian Grenade LauncherStar Defender Rocket LauncherRPGCrossfire CR-145 VortexFalkonian Anti-Gravity Rocket LauncherOEDA EA-109H LauncherRocket Launcher CS-BarrageGrenade Launcher C-00tEos Rocket LauncherAlien Acid Grenade Launcher
Slot 6 Plasma CannonDefibrillatorMedic Pistol
Slot 7 CS-BNG
Slot 8 Plasmagun CS-BloomAlien Laser RifleAlien Heater RifleRMK-36Reakhohsha Focus Beam
Slot 9 Ray Gun C-01yDrone Gun CS-VirusShark
Slot 0 PSI Blades
Grenades Grenade C-00nPortable Shield v07 CS-QuariumTeleport Grenade v03 CS-PortNade
Other CS-AutocannonVehicle CannonVehicle MinigunVehicle Grenade LauncherVehicle Rocket LauncherArm Cannon