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Type Firearms manufacturer
Origin Unknown
Founded Unknown
Status Unknown
Number of members Unknown

PHANX is a weapons manufacturer in Plazma Burst 2. PHANX's weapons all have an iconic drab color palette, utilizing very few bright colors and mostly sticking to grays and browns.

The faction is community-made and was introduced in version 1.28 of Plazma Burst 2. The faction does not make an appearance in the campaign at all, and its appearance is limited entirely to the names of the guns and suits produced by them accessible via cheats, custom maps, or multiplayer.


PHANX-92 Falconet

The Falconet is a fairly average rifle with a slow rate of fire but high accuracy. It could be considered the most iconic gun manufactured by PHANX.

PHANX-150 Bison

The Bison is a very effective light machine gun, having a high rate of fire and high damage. It mainly suffers from somewhat mediocre accuracy, limiting its use to close-quarters scenarios.

PHANX-230 Cobra

The Cobra is a unique rail-firing weapon that also inflicts toxic damage on its victims. This trait prevents any enemies from leaving their cover, thus suppressing their fire.