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About Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2 (officially abbreviated as PB2) is a side-scroller flash game created by Eric Gurt and released on March 10, 2011. This game was the second game in the Plazma Burst series and a sequel to Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past, which will likely be succeeded by Plazma Burst 2.5. The game is set around 2700 C.E.[1] and follows the series' main characters, the Marine, Noir Lime, and Proxy. New factions and allies are introduced, including Proxy. The game picks up after the events of FttP, where the Marine ejects from the Falkonian ship after he left Noir Lime in the first game.


The Marine lands on Earth in a Life-Capsule, intent on finding the Time Machine, the Marine has to travel to the past, stop the alien invasion, and complete his mission. He has to fight through bases controlled by the Civil Security and Usurpation Forces, encountering many enemies and new allies on his way.


A screenshot of an early (non-release) version of PB2.
  • Marine - The main protagonist of the series. He is one of the two volunteers sent into the past to stop the alien invasion. He utilizes a variety of weapons, most notably the Correction Nine weaponry.
  • Proxy - The only female protagonist in the series. She joins the Marine near the middle of the campaign. She is treated as a criminal by the Civil Security.[2] She utilizes Civil Security weapons previously unseen in the game. She is recognized by Noir Lime when he first appears.
  • Noir Lime - The third protagonist in the game. Noir Lime is encountered near the end of the campaign. He is the other volunteer sent with the Marine to the past. He is noted for using the Minigun C-02m.

Notable Enemies

  • Civil Security - One of the main enemy factions in the game. Civil Security is a security force, but their mission remains unknown for the player.[2] They are hostile to the Protagonists, Androids, and the Usurpation Forces. There are four variants of this enemy that appear in the campaign, the Lite, Heavy, Ghost, and the Boss.
  • Usurpation Forces - The new alien race in the series. They began their invasion of Earth right after humanity began doing a test on long-range portals. One test helped identify the location of Earth. Many of the weapons used by the Usurpation Forces are incompatible with Earth's environment, so they are noted to utilize weaponry produced by Civil Security and Correction Nine.[2] There are four variants of this enemy in the campaign, the Minor, Major, Advanced, and the Destroyer.
  • Androids - A faction that appeared during the Usurpation Forces invasion, the Androids are hostile to all other known factions. It is unclear where they originated from or who controls them.[2] There are two variants of this enemy that appear in the campaign, the SLC-56 and the T-01187.
  • Falkoks - An alien faction not at war with humanity at the time of FttP, they are not allied with the Usurpation Forces, but they probably played a part in the invasion.[2] Three dead Falkoks appear as an easter egg in Level 40 together with the Assault Rifle C-01r.


The game version is currently Version 1.32.


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