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Plazma Burst 2.5 is the temporary name for the upcoming game in the series. Eric Gurt plans to add many new features, weapons and even 2.5D terrain[1].

It's unknown when Plazma Burst 2.5 will be released[2]. Eric says the game is about 16% done[3], and will take some time to finish.

Confirmed features

  • More than 16 different kinds of swords[4]. Each sword has different stats, such as damage, swing rate, range, etc.
  • Guns that fall on characters or the player will do damage and can even kill. This depends on the size and weight of the gun. [5]
  • All doors will have HP and can be destroyed[6]. However, this will be disabled by default, and map author would have to enable it via engine mark.
  • There will be a Skin Editor[7]. It allows to mix different character's limbs, as well as recolor them. It has been hinted at that limited editing of skin parts themselves may be possible.
  • Water will be 3D and will have more realistic splashes[8]. However, it will remain static[9], meaning it can't flow down to another area.
  • The pre-v1.17 Alien Pistol will return as its own weapon[10].
  • Maps made in PB2 will work in PB2.5[11]. To what degree is unknown.
  • At least one new game mode, Team vs Team[12]. This is likely a credits-based game mode that is planned as a main mode for Multiplayer[13]. In this mode, the players are expected to be able to buy weapons (and likely ammo) using money they have earned by killing enemies (or/and completing some special objectives), as well as being able to buy equipment such as jetpacks.
  • The game will now display the exact amount of damage dealt by each shot[14]. This can be turned off in game settings[15].
  • Jetpacks, or at least some jetpack/booster-like equipment/items/abilities[16]. Although it's unknown what would jetpacks look like and what exactly would they do, it's known that selfboost technique will somehow be considered a jetpack[17], along with double jump[18].
  • Custom lamp colors[19].
  • New textures and decorations.
  • Some community-created content will be added later on[20].
  • When switching between weapons, there is now an animation of a character putting a weapon on their back, then taking out another weapon[21]. The heavier the weapon, the longer the switch takes. This is to prevent instantly switching weapons, especially heavy weapons such as the CS-BNG.
  • Ammunition. The map maker can decide which ammo type to use, whether it be infinite, cooldown, limited, or unlimited with reloading.[22]
  • Magazine weapons now have reloading animations.[23]
  • A coop Campaign has been confirmed. [24]
  • Indirect illumination & sun light effects. Ambient lighting completely removed.
  • Throwable grenades are returning.
  • AI optimizations and trajectory predicting for grenade launcher-like weapons.
  • AI players are now able to make ricochet shots that can hit opponents hiding behind impenetrable walls.
  • AI can calculate possible damage for penetration-based weapons in PB2.5.
  • Friendly fire and team damage factor can be configured individually for every team in maps in PB2.5.
  • AI in PB2.5 can perform wall-jumps.
  • Computer-controlled players can swim.
  • Al players can use jetpacks.
  • AI players can gather information from other allies and make blind shots on targets.
  • Added collision check for projectiles and weapons. Bullet damage/speed will no longer decrease on gun collision.
  • Dynamic lighting has been added to every bullet, grenade, explosion, muzzle flash, as well as swords. These can all illuminate dark areas. Explosion light is based on explosion color.
  • Player bounding box (AKA hitboxes) improvements have been added. They should let player's movement feel more based on player's body instead of the bounding box.
  • A "blaster" effect for projectiles.
  • Projectile spawn offset instead of spread for certain weapons. This means that bullets, instead of coming from the middle of the player, actually spawn at the barrel of the gun.
  • All projectiles have hit points now. Damage needed to destroy projectiles depends on guns: for example, the Assault Rifle C-01r needs 3 hits, and the Pistol C-01p needs 2 hits to destroy rocket. Beam weapons do damage to rockets/plasma/grenades/bullets without knockback. Explosions damage hitpoints and change speed and direction of projectiles (including bullets).
  • Bullet-bullet intersections. This allows bullets to interact with one another. However, the bullets are not destroyed. Other projectiles can interact with each other as well.
  • AI can throw grenades now, and can dodge explosives.
  • AI can do blind shots with rocket/plasma/grenade weapons expecting to deal indirect damage with explosions by aiming at walls near enemies.
  • AI are able to use the X button to dodge enemy projectiles.
  • Advanced pathfinding for AI, allowing them to move upwards at will or travel the map. [25]
  • Pistols can be dual-wielded[26]. This seems to cause major balancing issues, though[27]. Other weapons can be dual-wielded in the level editor, depending on map author's preference.
  • A clan system has been confirmed.
  • Moving lights/lamps are possible. [28]
  • Bullet drop, which affects both bullet weapons and energy projectile weapons. [29]
  • Multiplayer with server side sync. Sync for projectiles, characters, and more has been completed. [30]
  • At least 5 brand new weapons have been added, and most of the Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past weapons are returning, as well as the previously mentioned old Alien pistol. [31]
  • Fan art weapons from Plazma Burst 2 will be making their way into Plazma Burst 2.5.

Possible/undecided features

  • A possibility to make sloping surfaces[32]. However, this is making calculations 30% slower, so this may not be a feature appearing in the release.
  • The Falkok ship may be a usable vehicle in PB2.5.