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All Plazma Burst 2 Staff as of September 201.9

The Plazma Burst 2 staff are a volunteer staff group that enforces the Code of Conduct and aims to prevent rulebreaking sitewide and cheating in Plamza Burst 2's multiplayer. The staff manage the website, web chat and Discord chat, forums, and the wiki. Some staff members have also helped Eric Gurt with game updates.


  • Administrator: Can do anything except edit the website. Have red names in chat and forum.
  • Head Moderator: Can reset account passwords and ban on the site, matches, chat and forum, as well as instantly kick from matches. Have dark blue names in chat and forums.
  • Moderator: Can ban players in the site, chat, forum, and has the ability to instantly kick anyone from matches. Have light blue names in chat and forums.
  • Support Team: This rank depicts official STs that passed their trial; can only ban players in the chat and forums. Have pale yellow names in chat and forums.

Current Staff


Head Moderators

  • tehswordninja
  • Wasted Time


  • Golden1
  • mrblake213
  • darkstar 1
  • Ditzy

Support Team

  • DoomWrath