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Weapon stats (ones which are featured in weapon infoboxes) can be calculated by anyone if they have access to game files. In order to gain access, one must download a flash decompiler such as JPEXS and then enter the script file for the corresponding weapon.

Some stats do not require the use of a decompiler to be found, and can instead be calculated in the game.


PB2 does not operate on damage directly, damage is a multiplier applied to power depending on limb, velocity difference (which should not matter normally) and friendly fire case.

Damage can be found in the Plazma Burst 2 map darkstar 1-range.

Rate of fire

To calculate the amount of time between each round fired:

(Amount of frames - 2) / 30

Frames count can be found at the bottom of the sprite viewer in JPEXS. 30 represents the game's FPS, which is always set to 30 (20 and 60fps only remove/add frames respectively).

To calculate the rate of fire in seconds:

1 / ans


Accuracy = this.stat_averange + current_recoil

Current recoil is constantly changing value in range from this.stat_averange_min to this.stat_averange_max. Each shot adds this.stat_averange_add to it. Then it decreases by this.stat_averange_substract each 1 / 30 seconds.

Here is a pastebin that can help you calculate a gun's accuracy.


this.stat_power, which is shown in a weapon's script, directly says what the power of a gun is. The power of a gun is increased with each gun upgrade, which can also be seen lower in the code.

Projectile count

This can be seen in the game and does not require downloading game files at all.

Projectile speed

Projectile speed is default for each projectile class (set with this.stat_class). In some cases bullet projectiles will fly twice as fast if they have too high this.stat_power value. The value is typically found in other guns, and is easy to find.

Projectile ID

Projectile IDs can be found here. Each number corresponds to the frame number of the sprite named 'lazer' in game files. A dedicated wiki page with previews now exists for this purpose, and is even linked to in the level editor manual.


Penetration is based on a guns damage, but it is easiest to find it by decreasing wall sizes and measuring it that way. The maximum wall penetration value is 4 in PB2.

Full price

Full price can be found in the game's files for all guns, but the wiki only lists prices for guns that actually appear in the equipment shop.

Gun scripts which say a gun that does not appear in the equipment shop costs x amount show that the script has been copied to reduce time. Do not add these.


This can be found in game files, but it is much easier to simply read the number at the top of the game.

Weapon ID

This is either the name of the sprite in the game files, or the name that can be found in the Advanced Level Editor.