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A profile page displays a player's statistics and information. This includes friends, kills, and other merits. Your profile page is automatically created once you make an account.

Profile Contents

Account profiles contain a variety of statistics. Here is a list explaining the information that can be shown to others:


Shows the player's name with added text, such as clan tags. Nicknames must contain the username of the person at this moment. In the past, players could have a nickname completely different to their username.

Life slogan

This was meant to show the player's slogan, although most players use it to post information about themselves.

Campaign progress

Shows far the player has advanced in the campaign.


The player's deathmatch skin.

Birth date

Birth date of the player.


The player's gender: male, female, or none, but there have been few who have received other genders besides these three for unknown reasons.


Players can put a URL here, and it will be automatically turned into a link by the website. Some players prefer to post information here rather than a working URL.


The player's location along flag that is displayed for the player's location. If the player does not put in their location or puts an unknown location, the flag of the country they reside will be found by the player's IP address and show up anyway. If a player wishes to hide their location, they can use a different country or 'Earth', 'Moon' or 'Mars'.

Skype/Discord username

The player's respective social media accounts. Some players put information there instead.

Kills and deaths

Shows how many times the player has killed or has been killed by an enemy.

Overall kill/death ratio

The player's kills divided by their deaths to make a ratio.

Latest kill/death ratio

Shows the player's KDr in their most recently played approved map.

Overall KDr rank

A K/D ratio example.

The K/D ratio is the quotient of a player's kills and deaths, a major stat in Plazma Burst 2. It is one of the four stats, along with kills, deaths, and player points. Kill death ratio is the number of kills divided by the number of deaths you have, only in approved maps. It partially reflects the overall skill of the player. The following is a list of KDr rank names:

  • Advanced Pacifist
  • Pacifist
  • Newbie
  • Marine
  • Advanced Marine
  • Elimination Master
  • Race Rescuer (1.35-1.49 KDr)
  • PROmoted (1.5 KDr or above)
  • Immortal (infinite KDr)

If a player gets into the top 20 players list, a small line of text will appear next to their

Level developer rank

The level developer rank that a player has.

Player points

Amount of player points a player has. Player Points were added in an update in order to prevent farming.


All of the published maps of the player. They can be rated 1-5 stars by anyone unless the map developer stops people from doing so.


A list of 100 of the player's friends. Like the enemies list, only the 30 most recent will be shown.

Though it cannot be seen on your own profile when you view it while logged in, there is a little section that allows players to add you as a friend and send you a personal message.


This contains all personal messages sent and recieved by others in the website. Messages can be blocked or limited to be only recieved by friends and enemies by simply editing your profile to any of these settings.

Editing Profiles

Editing a profile

Profiles can always be updated when you go to Edit Profile. The edit profile page contains of many blank slots that can be used for text. Here you can add your location, gender, date of birth, and contacts. There is also a reset password feature that can be utilized on the edit profile page. Skins can be changed as well. There is a large box of selectable avatars that can be used in Deathmatch, and an additional column of teamplay skins available for Team Deathmatch.