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Faction Unknown/Civil Security
Origin Earth
Species Human
Gender N/A
Difficulty N/A
Health N/A
Weapon set N/A
Character ID 19

87 (Blue)

88 (Red)

Raven is a human character in Plazma Burst 2. The character has white armor with some hints of red, and a unique symbol can be found on the character's arm. It is unknown if the name refers to a unique character, a type of unit, or the suit itself. It does not appear in the campaign.

According to its creator, this suit is being tested by the Civil Security. As the suit looks extremely different from all other Civil Security units, it is unknown what role or purpose this suit would fulfil.


Raven has red and blue variants for Team Deathmatch.


  • Raven was added as part of version 1.28, and was originally created by A Coniferous Chair.

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