Ray Gun C-01y

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Ray Gun C-01y

Ray Gun C-01y
Type Energy
Faction Correction Nine
Damage 60-330 HP (MP)
Rate of Fire 0.57 rounds/second
Accuracy 38% (MP)
Power 3.0
Projectile Count 2 (MP)
Projectile Speed 60
Penetration 4 blocks (MP)
Full Price $10000
Slot 9
Weapon ID gun_raygun / gun_plasmacannon (red)

The Ray Gun C-01y is a powerful, energy-based, high-damage heavy weapon manufactured by Correction Nine that shoots ray projectiles. It is a fairly rare weapon Plazma Burst 2, and has the highest penetration, along with the third-highest in-game damage. The Ray Gun fires 3 to 4 bullets per shot in the campaign and single player, but only 2 in Multiplayer. The Ray Gun C-01y is most likely derived from the Plasma Cannon from Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past.

It has a red light which indicates that it is in the reloading process. When the bulb on the weapon's tip is a pure sky-blue, the gun is fully reloaded. It also features a laser sight that is only cosmetic.

The Ray Gun takes a long time to reload, during which point the shooter is vulnerable. A player is best to operate the Ray Gun behind decent cover or with other, faster guns. Its reload time is slightly more than two seconds, making it somewhat faster than the CS-BNG but still very slow. However, the Ray Gun reloads itself automatically when holstered, making it useful in weapon combos. It can be deflected, but this is rare outside of single-player. It has an impressive target-knockback that will likely send any normal-speed enemy flying if they survive a hit. In addition to being able to penetrate four block walls, it can also penetrate up to two bodies


It can be brought from the Equipment Shop for a hefty $2500 credits, and upgraded for an additional $2500 credits. An unupgraded Ray Gun can be picked up on Level 6. Fully upgraded Ray Guns can be picked up during level 40, along with other weapons wielded by the Civil security bosses. The full upgrade price of this gun is a whopping $10000 credits, making it the most expensive gun in the game. Proxy and Noir Lime cannot buy this gun. They can, however, pick it up from fallen CS Bosses in level 40.


  • The only major difference between the Ray Gun and the Plasma Cannon is shape and appearance, as the performance is almost identical.
  • The crashed ship on Level 6 has a Ray Gun, along with an Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro and a few Grenades on the wreckage. All of these items can be * picked up for use in later levels.
  • It can be deflected by solid objects and matters during diagonal shots, or by the PSI Blades strikes. But this is hard, as shots tend to spread out.
  • In Multiplayer, the gun can be useful for players camping behind walls. Since only a few weapons can shoot through four block falls, this can be difficult to counter.
  • It is possible that the Ray Gun's shot count was lowered to 2 in multiplayer for balancing.
  • The Ray Gun's shots can ricochet off walls if fired at a very obtuse angle.

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