Rocket Launcher (PB:FttP)

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Rocket Launcher (PB:FTP)

Rocket Launcher
Type Explosive
Faction Correction Nine
Damage Unknown
Rate of Fire 1 round/second
Accuracy Unknown
Power Unknown
Projectile Count 1
Projectile Speed Unknown
Penetration 0 blocks
Full Price $220
Slot 5
Weapon ID Unknown
The rocket from the rocket launcher ricocheting off the wall.

The Rocket Launcher is a small, handheld explosive weapon from Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past introduced in level 7, which is made by Correction Nine. It fires an explosive rocket-like projectile similar to that of the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro from Plazma Burst 2, and could be considered a predecessor of the Plazma Burst 2 weapon. The Rocket Launcher has excellent damage in PB:FttP, bested only by the Plasma Cannon, and is the only weapon in PB:FttP that possesses an explosive, splash damage projectile.


  • The Rocket Launcher increases Marine's grenades count from 3 to 15. The same somehow applies to Noir Lime too. If you pick it up during a level, you'll have to finish the level before getting the grenade bonus; if you buy it, you'll get +12 grenades instantly.
  • The rockets will begin to fly in circles after traveling a certain distance, making this gun less effective at long range.
  • If you fire it right under yourself while ducking, the rocket will not explode immediately, and will bounce off the wall instead, possibly flying away.
  • The rocket can bounce off walls at a certain angle, unlike its Plazma Burst 2 counterpart.
  • If it flies for too long, in disappears without any explosions, unlike Plazma Burst 2 explosives.
  • It is the only weapon in both games that has limited ammo, not counting grenades.
  • The Rocket Launcher will not be added to Plazma Burst 2, however it will be added to Plazma Burst 2.5.[1]


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