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Type Interactive object
Manufactured By Unknown
Size Medium
ID veh_rope

The Rope is a "vehicle" that the player can swing by pressing A and D or the left and right arrow keys. To get on the rope, just jump to it and touch the rope. To let go, press E or X. It is first encountered and used on level 7. Afterwards, it is never encountered again. You can avoid touching and using the rope by jumping and continuing to press X, which will disallow your character to touch the rope unless the player chooses not to press X repeatedly.

The rope appears to be made out of a metallic chain material, rather than a traditional rope. The rope is suspended from a trapezoid shaped-box that can be attached to blocks and ceilings. Also, the rope cannot be shot or destroyed by any form of weaponry, even with explosive weapons.


  • This is a very rare "vehicle", being found only in level 7.
  • It can't be destroyed, unlike the other vehicles.
  • It does not obey physics unless it comes into contact with a player or hit with an explosion.
  • With debug mode enabled, you can find a "ghost" of a rope at the exact coordinations of where the "real" rope was spawned. It seem to only react to explosives, and completely ignores everything else, therefore isn't very interesting.

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