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Selfboosting in a Plazma Burst 2.5 pre-release screenshot.

Selfboost is a tactic that enables players to get to a considerable altitude in the air. The selfboosting technique is very effective in overcoming high obstacles. A player can only selfboost by switching to swords. To selfboost a player must run, jump and then press and tap X in midair.


Waterboosting in acid.

Waterboosting is a selfboost type in that can make you swim much faster. The result of a waterboost is 3x of a selfboost. To waterboost, go into water or acid, then point head down (it is recommended to stick to a wall because you'll do it much better/easier). Try to exit the water that way. Then do the selfboost. Push X and left mouse button, aiming upwards.


Gliding with the Plasmagun CS-Bloom.

Gliding, or flying, is a selfboost type that utilizes the Plasmagun CS-Bloom or any powerful automatic weapon (Minigun C-02mM4A1Ray Rifle TCoRR, Alien Rifle + Alien Shotgun combo) to boost the player's body higher than a jump. It is performed by the player jumping, pressing X to go into a ragdoll state, and firing the weapon at the ground. The recoil of the automatic fire will give the player enough energy to boost higher than a normal jump. The M4A1 is the best except for the fact it must be reloaded after 30 shots.

In Level 33Proxy must use the Plasmagun to glide or "boost" up the side of a wall to complete the level. This is only necessary if the second path is chosen, as opposed to the moving platform. In Level 27, the Marine has to use a fully automatic rifle to give him enough power to overcome the extra-wide wall gap during his walljump. Plasmagun gliding and tactics involving similar weapons are frequently used in the Campaign.


  • This enables you to jump over very long gaps and chasms without dying, as the horizontal position pads your landing.
  • Selfboosting requires decent game perfomance. If you are experiencing major FPS reduction (like if the game rarely hits 10 FPS), you will not be able to boost properly, and you will instead fall back to the ground abruptly before being able to go into the air.


  • Selfboosting will be added to Plazma Burst 2.5 as an intended feature.
  • Selfboosting was temporarily removed from Plazma Burst 2 as part of version 1.28 after a Twitter poll showed that the majority of players wanted universal physics settings. It was added back quickly due to community backlash.
    • Prior to this update, selfboosting without low physics and FPS was much more difficult.