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Custom map player.

Singleplayer is a category of maps/gameplay in Plazma Burst 2, and the only method of play in the Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past campaign. Unlike Multiplayer, single player maps can only be played by one player. Single player maps utilize enemies (AI characters) to create complicated, challenging, and interesting gameplay.

Single player maps often rely on a story and multiple connected maps to challenge the player with a mini-campaign. Single player offers a different experience from multiplayer and is often more relaxed, non-competitive, and creates more in-depth gameplay. The Campaign is considered to be a variant of single player.

Single Player Maps

There are two main classifications of maps, multiplayer and single player. Single player maps only allow one human player, and can only be played in the main campaign menu. Multiplayer maps can be played there as well, but the online player templates will be static and lifeless, making single player maps the only complex maps that can be played in this section. To create a single player map, a map maker must put enemies into their map instead of players, and set the maximum amount of players to 1 or 0. To play a single player map, a user must find the correct map ID and paste it into the custom map player.


  • Single player maps tend to have fewer ratings because less players have access to them and it is more convenient to player maps in multiplayer.
  • Single player maps tend to be better rated however, as it takes more skill to put them together and offers a more casual experience for the player.