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September 14 2016
The Skin Editor as of 25 September, 2015.

The skin editor is an upcoming feature in Plazma Burst 2.5, the third instalment in the series. The skin editor will allow for both basic and complex skin editing.[1]

The skin editor will most likely be included in the game itself, rather than on-site[2]. The skin editor is limited to basic skin recoloring and modification, and does not allow users of it to create an entirely new character.[3]


An example of what the skin editor can do. The character pictured is a combination of the Android T-01187 and the Heavy Battlesuit.

From the few images of the skin editor shown so far, it can be seen that users of the Skin Editor will be able to change colors of individual body parts, blood color, the character's voice and the character's armor type (robot or human). The skin editor has been shown to function similarly to an image editing program. Pre-made colors can be found within the "samples" subsection, but if the user prefers their own colors, they may use either the color picker or input a HEX color value.