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This article is about the character called Star Defender. For the level called Star Defenders, see Star Defenders.

Star Defender.png

Star Defender
Faction Unknown
Origin Earth
Species Human
Gender Male
Difficulty N/A
Health 130
Weapon set N/A
Character ID 18

21 (PB:FTTP)

The Star Defender is both a playable character and enemy in the level Star Defenders. It can not be found in the campaign, and is unique to the custom Star Defender level. They are a lightly armored unit that generally carry weak weapons. Star Defenders seem to rely on strength of numbers in order to combat threats.

Weapon Variety

Star Defender Rifle

This is the most common weapon used by the Star Defender. Most enemies in the Star Defenders level carry this weapon. The decent rate of fire and accuracy make up for the relatively low damage output and can be used to overwhelm players through sheer fire power.

Star Defender Rocket Launcher

Enemies carrying this weapon are found towards the end of the level. It's low rate of fire and projectile speed make it easy to dodge, but the weapon is capable of killing players in one shot.


The Star Defender character has one variant, a character in the style of the Human Soldiers in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. This version does not appear in the Star Defenders map, and is exclusive to Custom Maps.

Voice lines

Voice lines for the Star Defender were added in version 1.32. Prior to this, the character used the Marine's audio.

Audio Type Transcript Notes


  • It is the only Multiplayer skin that cannot be found in the edit profile page.
  • You can only get the skin by killing UnrealCrash at the end of eric gurt-star_defenders
  • Prior to a recent update, all players who unlocked the skin would play as the non-pixelated version of the Star Defender in Death Match. Their profile picture would display the pixelated version, however.
  • It is the only pixelated character in Plazma Burst 2

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