Star Defenders

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This article is about the level called Star Defenders. For character called Star Defender, see Star Defender (Character).
A view of the entire map

Star Defenders is an unfinished and previously unreleased game by Eric Gurt which is unrelated to the Plazma Burst universe.

On 7 January 2018, Eric Gurt published a singleplayer map with the ID eric gurt-star_defenders which is a remake of the original Star Defenders game. The update to the game also included the Star Defender Rifle, Star Defender Rocket Launcher and Star Defender, alongside the assets needed to make a Star Defenders themed map such as backgrounds.


The remake starts you off on a ledge, where you can pick up the Star Defender Rifle. Below is a deep pool of water which you can land in. If the player shoots into the left corner of the pool, a secret rocket launcher will be given to you alongside the message "Secret weapon has been found!". One enemy with the name "A really bad guy" (the name of all enemies on the map) is seen in front of the first door. The player can then open the door by walking into it or by shooting at it. Behind the door are 3 enemies carrying rifles.

After this section, the player has two options. They can either open the door that leads you to a pit with seven enemies, or they can selfboost over the high wall and skip the pit.

After the player passes either of these sections, they will meet the first enemy with a rocket launcher. Once the first is killed, the player can open a door that leads to a room with two more enemies with rocket launchers and one with a rifle. The room has a hole in the floor which leads to a similar room with seven more enemies.

Once this final area is cleared, the player can open a door that leads them to a teleporter. The teleporter leads you to a concrete version of the map, and gives you a PB2 version of the gun you were last carrying. If the player walks to the starting area in the concrete version, they can find an allied Red Proxy named 'UnrealCrash' (Eric Gurt's nickname) that can be killed, and grants the player the Star Defender skin for multiplayer.


  • On April 1 2016, Eric Gurt posted an April Fools' tweet saying that Plazma Burst 2 was updated. The picture shown was actually a screenshot of the original Star Defenders game.
  • The map has an anti-cheat system that prevents cheats such as god and friends from being used.
    • This is most likely why an extra enemy is on the roof of the map (variable that ends the map if player's health is greater than the enemy).