Sword Bot

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Sword Bot.png

Sword Bot
Species Unknown
Faction Falkoks
Origin Unknown
Health High (indestructible without the help of the door)
Difficulty Easy
Weapon Set Melee (Weaponless)
Character ID None

Sword Bot (also known in the community as Robot Omega) was a large robotic enemy in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. Wielding giant PSI Blades, this enemy is extremely dangerous and invulnerable to small arms fire. Found on Level 16 of the first game, Sword Bot is the final enemy encountered; its death serves as a means of wrapping up the story to Plazma Burst: FttP. This enemy is considered the only boss in the game, as it does not fit any character or vehicle models, and presents the player with an uncommon, and possibly even puzzling way of killing it. Sword Bot was only killed after being crushed to death underneath a very large door by the Marine.


The appearance of Sword Bot was the first time PSI Blades were ever introduced. Most likely, this is where the Marine gained the technology to wield PSI Blades, as well. These super PSI Blades were probably developed by the Falkonian race, and these are extremely powerful melee weapons that could slice a target in half with only one gash.


The Sword Bot is quite simple to defeat. Once Noir Lime fails to charge at the Sword Bot, the robot approaches the Marine, so you must lead it to the large door, and, once it is under, close it on top of the Sword Bot.

An alternative way is to grenadejump over the Sword Bot. In this way, you won't even need to kill it, however, you'd experience some glitches such as weird actions from the Sword Bot. None of them would be a big problem, though.


  • Intro of PB2 and the Dramatic Change
  • It is unknown whether Sword Bot was a pure robot, or something was controlling it, such as a driver inside, or being remotely controlled.
  • Due to the fact that Sword Bot is a regular guard, it is possible that there are more units with a similar role used by the Falkoks.
  • It's strange that the machine does not have any firearm of any kind, as the blades are limited to melee combat only. This could mean that it was designed more for working or constructing, rather than fighting.
  • Sword Bot makes a dramatic appearance change in the end of Plazma Burst, compared to the intro to Plazma Burst 2. It has white metal, and two vertical, standing blue eyes (one bigger than the other), instead of gray, hollow metal, and two normal red eyes.
  • Sword Bot resembles an Android SLC-56 in design, except that Sword Bot is much bigger and has more armor.
  • If the player does not shut the door on the Sword Bot, it will glitch itself onto a smaller area.


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