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The End of the Beginning.

The Time Machine is a mysterious device that is referenced throughout the Plazma Burst series. This machine is probably how the Marine and Noir Lime get to the past to stop the alien threat. They have arrived on right time, but at the wrong place. They found themselves on a strange planet with hostile Human Soldiers, Falkoks and Grubs. After they fought their way through the enemy armies, the protagonists find a Falkonian Ship ready to use. At the same time they open a door to gain access to the ship, the heroes find the massive Sword Bot. Noir Lime charges at him but Sword Bot defeats him easily. After Sword Bot goes to attack the Marine crushes Sword Bot under the main door.

The Time Machine is not used at the end of Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past, the hero simply takes a Falkonian Ship back to Earth where he can stop the alien and Civil Security threat. As the Time Machine resides on the Earth, the Marine flees there in a Falkonian ship, but has to leave the wounded Noir Lime behind, as the cabin can only hold one. When he appears in a Life-Capsule, he finds himself in the middle of the invasion.

He travels across Usurpation Forces and Civil Security configurations and defeats these massive armies in battle. The heroes (Marine, Noir Lime, and Proxy) eventually meet up again in the last two levels of the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. Noir Lime references to a time machine-type device and instructs the others to attack a Civil Security and Usurpation base where the Machine can be located.

Forward to the Past!

The Marine enters level 1 in PB:FttP in a special animation, suggesting the use of a time machine or portal.

Near the end of the campaign, a ship crashes into the building that the Marine and Proxy just entered, carrying the body of Noir Lime. After he was revived, Noir Lime tells them where the Time Machine is, and how they will be able to reach it. The goal is guarded by the strongest of enemies: Usurpation Destroyers, and the mighty Corvettes. These enemies are barely defeated.

The heroes fight their way through a large building full of Corvettes and eventually reach the Time Machine. The Time Machine is obvious in its appearance; it consists of a large, gray circular area that covers the floor, emitting a strong, white area of light. The heroes simply step on the Time Machine as Noir Lime proclaims "Forward to the past!" and the story ends on a to be continued... note.


  • The Time Machine that resides at the end of Plazma Burst 2's level 41, looks like a Teleporter.
  • Besides the Time Machine, the other method used by the protagonists of the Plazma Burst series to control/manipulate space-time is the Time Warp.

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