Usurpation Forces

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Usurpation Forces
Type Military organization, firearms manufacturer, spacecraft manufacturer
Origin Unknown
Founded Unknown
Status Operating
Number of members Unknown

The Usurpation Forces (also called Usurpers and Usurpations) are an alien enemy faction in Plazma Burst 2. The Usurpations are one of the three major factions in the second game, along with Civil Security and the Protagonists. Not much is known about the Usurpations, other than the fact they are an alien force that are invading Earth, as well as being the second most common enemy faction in Plazma Burst 2. They may have been part of the reason the Marine was sent back in time. The Usurpations appear to be attacking Earth, but their motives are not completely known. They may be trying to harvest its resources, or enslave the human race. Either way, the Usurpation Forces seem to be at war with Civil Security, as they are seen invading Earth; they appear to be hostile to all human life, including the Protagonists. However, it is known that the Usurpation Forces located Earth through the usage of long range portals. These portals are likely related in some form to the Time Machine, as the Marine was likely sent back in time to somehow fix the accident that let the Usurpations find Earth.


Minor Usurpation Soldier

The Minor Usurpation Soldier has a light blue visor and bleeds light blue blood when damaged, and are considered to be the grunts of the Usurpations. They have 150 HP or less. They mainly carry Alien Rifles and Alien Pistols. On some occasions, they will fight against the Civil Security or the Marine and his allies in groups or hordes. If the difficulty is set to Hard, it is very rare to find the first class of Usurpation Soldiers, for their health will increase and become a Major Usurpation Soldier. This is the weakest unit of the faction.

Major Usurpation Soldier

The Major Usurpation Soldier has a dark blue visor and are usually seen with more powerful weapons. They will show up if they possess more than 150 HP. Often at times, they fight in groups of 2-3 or more, since they rarely patrol alone. They wield anything from Alien Rifles to CS-BNGs.

Advanced Usurpation Soldier

This Soldier has armor similar to the first class of Usurpation Solder, but is colored white and red. They mainly use Alien Shotguns, but also show up with other weapons. The model does not change according to HP, as long as the Character ID is 6. They can be viewed as leaders, one such as in level 4 and sometimes fight alongside other Usurpation Soldiers on the battlefield. They are unique in the fact that they will show up alongside both types of Soldiers, and do not get replaced with another type of unit, instead, they gain more health.

Usurpation Destroyer

This model will appear on any Usurpation Soldier with 350+ HP, which is also limitless and are mostly found in few levels of the Campaign, either using upgraded weapons or the CS-BNG, and almost never fight with the other Usurpations. A small group of 3 Destroyers can be found in level 41, equipped with Ray Gun C-01ys.

Usurpation Weapons

Alien Pistol

One of the three pistols that the player can choose during the game. It fires a rail, like the two railguns (since PB2 version 1.17) but with a faster rate of fire and a large decrease in damage. It can be found along with the Alien Rifle in Level 1, but can only be found on Level 1 and Level 2.

Alien Rifle

One of the most common weapons used by the Usurpations and has a slow rate of fire compared to the other assault rifles, but provides an advantage of piercing through thin walls and enemies. It can be found during the first level of the campaign, along with the Alien Pistol. It does more damage on head shots than other slot 2 weapons.

Alien Shotgun

The main weapon used by Advanced Usurpation Soldiers. It fires two rounds in one shot, giving it a longer range and more damage for head-shots. However, it does not have the piercing of the Alien Rifle. It does a lot of damage while keeping accuracy, which makes it a valuable weapon.

Alien Sniper Rifle

A powerful, rail-firing, sniper rifle that was designed to be used by Major and Minor Usurpers. The gun does not appear in the campaign.

Alien Laser Rifle

A rifle that fires laser beams at very high speeds. The Minor/Major Usurper version has lower damage than the Advanced Usurper version. The gun does not appear in the campaign.


Mainly used by Usurpation Destroyers but it is also used by Advanced Usurpation Soldiers and Majors. This gun shoots a radioactive, bright green projectile that damages the enemy when they are in radius and explodes when it hits something (even corpses) or when it reaches its max range.

Ray Gun C-01y

This gun is only used by Usurpations in level 41. It is carried by three Usurpation Destroyers. This gun has high penetration, damage, stopping power and can easily knock down any enemy.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro

First used by an Advanced Usurpation Soldier in level 3. Advanced and Major Usurpation Soldiers are seen carrying these throughout the campaign. Minor Usurpation Soldiers use this weapon on level 39.

Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK/Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay

This gun is used occasionally by Advanced Usurpation Soldiers and Majors, and this weapon is also rarely used by Usurpation Destroyers. However, it is uncommon for the Usurpation infantry to use these. On Impossible difficulty, all enemy Heavy Railguns are replaced with Sniper Rifles, therefore any unit carrying a Heavy Railgun will have a Sniper Rifle instead.

Plasmagun CS-Bloom

This gun is used mostly by Major Usurpation Soldiers and rarely Advanced Usurpation Soldiers.

Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot

This railgun is often used by Majors.

Grenade Launcher CS-SpamThemBaby

Grenade Launcher is only seen in use by the Majors, and is considered rare. It can be found in level 16 and level 38.

Usurpation Vehicles


At least one Drone is likely used by the Usurpation Forces, in level 4. It does not hit Usurpations on Hard & Impossible difficulty. It instead shoots Civil Security, showing it has most likely been reprogramed to attack Civil Security, or that it is malfunctioning, due to the fact Drones in level 1 & Level 13 attack Usurpations on sight, and are allied with the Civil Security.


The Corvette is a large drone only found in level 41, used to guard the Time Machine. This is a very powerful vehicle and is extremely mobile because of its ability to fly, and has great firepower. It typically wields a rocket gun that is designed specifically for the Corvette. It is thought to be a Usurpation vehicle by some, because they do not attack the three Usurpation Destroyers; however, it could also have been manufactured by another faction and later stolen/hacked by the Usurpation Forces, just like the Hound Walker-CS from level 38.

Hound Walker-CS

Although not an Usurpation vehicle, one was hijacked for use by an Usurpation Major in level 38. The Major inside has a Grenade Launcher.


  • This is the only ingame race that is known to be alien, aside from the Falkoks, although the Grubs could also be considered aliens.
  • Even though the Usurpations are a high-tech alien race, they depend on human technology more than their own weapons.
  • Rarely Usurpations will have Grenades on them. Civil Security soldiers are more likely to carry grenades however.
  • The root word "Usurp" means to take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force, which appears to fit the actions of the Usurpation Forces, because it's obvious that they're trying to take over Earth by force. This could possibly mean that their name is merely a reference note, implying that their true name is unknown. This is also shown with them taking enemy weapons and vehicles as well.
  • Out of all of the Usurpation enemies, the Advanced Usurpation is the only one who differs in major color.
  • The Minor Usurpation Soldier has a blue and red skin for Multiplayer.
  • Different ranks bleed different colors of blood. This is the most noticeable with the Destroyer.
  • The Usurpation Destroyer has completely different sounds compared to the other ranks.
  • The last 3 Destroyers found in level 41 have increased health. This may be because there are only a few of them, as opposed to the multitude of Destroyers with only 350 HP, to make up for their numbers.
  • There is still a lot of speculation about whether the Usurpations made the Corvettes or not, however their weapons look like the Civil Security Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro, which isn't made by the Usurpations. The fact that they look similar to Drones, and the fact the Usurpations are known to steal Civil Security weapons and vehicles, also adds speculation.
  • The Major Usurpation Soldier and the Minor Usurpation Soldier are both called Usurpation Soldiers in the campaign.
  • The Usurpations, unlike the Falkoks, use numbers and enemy weapons rather than strong soldiers to win battles. This is backed up by the fact that they have low heath, are found in big groups, and often carry Civil Security weapons.
  • This is apparently due to the fact that a large portion of the weapons used by the Usurpation Forces do not work well in Earth's environment, so Human weapons are substituted.
  • In the campaign all dead Usurpations are Minors, such as the ones in the acid in Level 19. This does not change on any difficulty.

Usurpation Forces
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